Mason’s Birthday Party

Mason first birthday was wonderful!  All the planning came together, and we had such a wonderful time celebrating with friends and family at Kangazoom.  I really wanted to make Mason’s birthday special, I mean, I want to make all birthday’s special in some way, but first birthdays parties are a bit of a right of passage from babyhood to toddlerhood for the little one, also a bit of a right of passage for us as parents as well.  I felt the need to make sure that it was something fun and exciting for him, maybe not something that he would remember per say, but something that he could look back on and know that I took a lot of time and effort to make his party as cute and special as it could be.  Something that, being the second born, I appreciate.  I mean, first born get it all, don’t they?  The baby showers, the first birthdays, the baby books, ect. Why can’t the second born get just as much fanfare?  It was with that in mind, that I planned a cute little celebration with a “Animals on Parade” theme.  We hired Elizabeth O Photography to capture the moments just so we wouldn’t have to worry about getting all the “perfect shots” and I could enjoy the company and the event a little more.  She did a great job, and captured some great memories!

One thought on “Mason’s Birthday Party

  1. Love the pics. Looks like y’all had a great time. I can’t believe Mason is 1. Time is just flying by.


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