Mason’s Birthday Party

Mason first birthday was wonderful!  All the planning came together, and we had such a wonderful time celebrating with friends and family at Kangazoom.  I really wanted to make Mason’s birthday special, I mean, I want to make all birthday’s special in some way, but first birthdays parties are a bit of a right of passage from babyhood to toddlerhood for the little one, also a bit of a right of passage for us as parents as well.  I felt the need to make sure that it was something fun and exciting for him, maybe not something that he would remember per say, but something that he could look back on and know that I took a lot of time and effort to make his party as cute and special as it could be.  Something that, being the second born, I appreciate.  I mean, first born get it all, don’t they?  The baby showers, the first birthdays, the baby books, ect. Why can’t the second born get just as much fanfare?  It was with that in mind, that I planned a cute little celebration with a “Animals on Parade” theme.  We hired Elizabeth O Photography to capture the moments just so we wouldn’t have to worry about getting all the “perfect shots” and I could enjoy the company and the event a little more.  She did a great job, and captured some great memories!

My Growing Boys

I can’t believe this weekend Mason will be one!  It’s been an exciting year with him in our life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Just the past few weeks he’s really turned into quite the “Big Boy” of sorts, learning to let go of the bottle (he’s on only sippy cups now), enjoying the deliciousness of whole milk and peanut butter, and learning how to talk, and walk.  He’s loving saying his Mama’s and Dada’s (and even says it to call us! How sweet, right?) and every now and again he’ll surprise us and repeat back a word such as “all done” like he did the other night.  He’s very bright, and loves his brother.  He’s got the sweetest disposition, and even though he can be quite cautious of strangers, I’m kind-of liking the fact that he’s a bit of a Mama’s boy.  Parker was MUCH more of an independent one, and could care less if I came or left, but Mason certainly takes notice. I love that about him.  He’s a little curious critter, always looking for a drawer to open, a basket to rummage through,  a cabinet to tear into.  He loves eating, playing with his brother (especially pillow mountain and the tunnel) and learning how to walk.  He’s a busy boy and keeps Mama and Daddy on our toes!  *Sigh* I just don’t know what would I do without his adorable chubby legs and irresistible chub chub cheeks.  I just love ’em!

Parker is growing and maturing more and more each week!  I’m glad to report that Parker has seemed to drop his tantrums while leaving places.  He may get sad, but overall he’s really turned a corner with it!  I started bribing him (I know, classic horrible parenting, right?) It’s only sort-of bribing… I would tell him before we went to some place like the park… I’d say something like “I would like for you to be on really good behavior leaving the park.  And if you are on good behavior, I have a surprise for you afterward” and it would typically be a sucker (or lollipop as Dan calls them), or I’d let him watch a favorite show in the car.  At first, he wasn’t on good behavior, and he didn’t get a “surprise” and then finally one day, he got it.  Now, I just talk to him beforehand and tell him that he needs to be on good behavior leaving, and so far, so good!  The tantrums waking up from his naps, have subsided.  He still has them sometimes, and we’re not sure why.  He just seems to want to vent his frustrations for being awake, grumpy, and tired all at the same time and then shortly after, he’s fine.  So, we’re still working on it!  On a brighter note, Parker has seemed to really “get” staying dry overnight, and we have stopped using pull-ups!  I’m so proud that he’s reached this milestone so early!  I’ve heard that bed wetting can be normal up to age five and even as late as eight, but thankful he tackled this one early!

He’s also been quite the chatty one lately! Not only am I hearing this every day, but from his teachers as well.  He says the cutest phrases.  He told me the other day.  “Is that a new dress Mommy? I wuv it!” Seriously?  When your kids start complementing you, it’s the best feeling in the world! Finally, I get a verbal affirmation after all this time! Oh, and when we tell him we’re going to go somewhere or eat something he says “Parker eat that, too!” or “Parker go to the store, too!” He always wants to be right in the mix, never missing a beat!   Another favorite thing he does that I love is that he likes to hop up on every bench he sees (at the park, in the breezeway after picking him up from school, anywhere he can find one) and looks up with a smile and says “Come sit, Mama! Pleeeeze!” A subtle reminder for me to take things slow in life and enjoy every moment.  He just loves to tug at my heart strings with the cutesy things that he says and does!

I know I echo Dan when I say that we both truly feel blessed with our boys.  Of course, we have those will this day EVER end kind of days, like most of us do, but sitting down looking at the big picture at the end of the day, we are thankful.  Thankful for not for perfection, but because God has given us a chance to learn and grow each day and discover a little more about our self, life, each other, and appreciate the little things and the good things in each day.

Happy One Year to my Mason (Mae Mae) and Two and a half to my Parker Pooh.