Brain Dump

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve really written in my blog and shared whats on my mind.  I feel like every day I have a laundry list of things to get done, and blogging isn’t eve on the list.  Today though, Parker is at school, Mason is napping, and I thought instead of tackling that basket of laundry, blogging sounded like a much better option! So, here goes my uncensored, unorganized, much needed, brain dump:

  1. A few weekends ago, we met up at “All Fired Up” to surprise our friend Kate for her birthday.  It was a fun little girls night!  Kate’s husband and Mom planned everything and had food and wine waiting for us when we got there.  How sweet!?  It was a nice time to get away for some girl time, and celebrate Kate.  I came in earlier to stamp the boys hands on a plate so that I could make a Valentine plate to give to Dan.  It came out looking okay.  You can tell it’s homemade, and that perhaps I had a glass or two of red wine.  Just saying.   Here’s a pic of me with my gorgeous gal pals Tara, Kate and Marcie.  I look so yuck-o!  Can you say root touch up, and tummy tuck, please?
  2. Last week we spent quite a lot of time indoors.  Parker had a little runny nose, but I think Mason and I got the brunt of the virus, which left me with an ear infection (painful!) and Mason with a nasty cough and yucky nose. We tried to make the best of it though, and Parker had fun playing “doctor” to Mason. 
  3. Parker is pretty obsessed with Mickey right now.  Nana and Poppy got him a Mickey plate and place mat for Christmas, and we’ve been holding out on showing him who Mickey really is. Until one lonesome Saturday afternoon, we decided to see if it was On Demand on TV and it was.  He’s been hooked ever since!  We happened to be at the mall that same weekend and they had “buy one plush character, get one free”, so we surprised Parker with his very own Mickey Mouse.  He was thrilled!  Since Mason loves dogs so much, we got him a plush Pluto.  He was all smiles too.  Parker’s favorite thing is the hot dog dance!  Next time you see him, ask him about it.  He’ll go bananas! Disney this year, perhaps?
  4. I’m getting excited, but also a little sad (mixed emotions!) about Mason turning one next month.  I’m excited about his party and celebrating him, but I’m sad that my baby is almost a toddler.  Didn’t Parker just become a toddler not too long ago?  Mason is my BABY! What is going on! Time is going by too fast!  We’re having his party at Kangazoom this year.  Normally I would try to do something more adult since it’s his first, but Mason really loves this place!  He loves the slides, the infant area, the bounc-ie things.  He loves it all!  So, I’m going to let the boy have fun and enjoy his birthday.  We’re doing Animals on Parade theme, and I found this most adorable invitation.  I’m also making a little picture banner for him.  This pic isn’t so good, but it gives you an idea. 
  5. My days have been pretty crazy lately with Mason being more mobile, and Parker being, well… two.  Parker is having a really hard time transitioning from being at a fun place, to leaving.  He is melt down central.  I stand strong, don’t give in, keep a stern face and just complete the nasty transaction, but it takes every bit of fun out of going places.  The same exact thing happens when he wakes up from his nap.  Tantrum central!!  Someone told me the other day that it is just the age, and there isn’t anything you can do about it.  I really hope that’s true.  I’ve tried everything to help him. I know he has big emotions, and doesn’t quite know how to express them, but it can be pretty draining at times.  I sympathize with him that he can’t express himself in a more positive manner.  I mean, it is tough having to leave places that you want to be at, AND not have any control over wanting to stay.  I’ve tried giving him warnings that we’re leaving, talking to him before we go places, saying if he’s on good behavior leaving then he’ll get a sucker, or get to watch a program in the car, but it doesn’t matter.  He still gets SO RIDICULOUSLY UPSET! Since I know it’s hard for him to leave, I don’t scold him or punish, but I don’t reward the behavior either.  I just grin and bear it.  Is that the right thing to do?  Hell if I know!  AND when he gets up from his nap? 95% of the time he is SCREAMING “MOMMY!!” over and over and over again until I come and get him (usually about an hour into his nap) and in FULL tantrum mode.  5% of the time, he yells then goes back to sleep and wakes up refreshed, but typically wakes up screaming, wakes Mason up in the process, then doesn’t want to do anything but cry.  I offer a snack NO!, I offer a program on TV, NO!, I offer to hold him, give him hugs Oh HELL NO!  (he doesn’t say that, but I know he’s thinking that!)  Then finally, after a few minutes of crying hysterically, he sits down at the table and eats his snack, and watches a program on TV and calms down a bit.  But why does he do this?  He’s an angel to be around most of the day, but these two tantrums that happen daily are wearing on me!  Tell me this is normal, and that there are other Moms out there about to lose their mind over this…Please?
  6. Dan’s Crohn’s has been flaring a lot lately.  Ugh, it’s just been an uphill battle for him!  This new study drug that he’s on, Cimzia has seemed to help some, but he can’t seem to get off the prednisone without his side flaring up, resulting in excruciating pain.  Prednisone will help reduce all the inflammation in his intestines, but it’s not a drug that he should be staying on long term because it has horrible side effects.  He’s been so strong through all of this, and I don’t know how he does it. He has such a busy travel schedule, a demanding job and family.  It’s really been tough for him, and tough on the family.  We’re fearing that surgery is the inevitable, but Dan is going to talk to his doctor and do all he can before we deem surgery as the only viable option.  To make matters more complex, there may or may not be a career change for him.  This is something that we’re praying through along with the issues with the Crohn’s and seeking God’s guidance on.  Prayers are welcomed!
  7. Valentines Day was fun. I have lots of pics, so I’ll do a separate post for that.
  8. I think I hear little Mason stirring in his crib.  Time to break out the snacks and sippy cup, and take care of that basket of laundry before it’s time to pick up Parker!

2 thoughts on “Brain Dump

  1. Sharon,
    I think Parker’s behavior is totally normal and HE WILL GROW OUT of this phase, I promise! Charlie seemed to do this more than Amelia, although she is beginning to do it here too, but I would simply tell him that he could have a “moment” (however long that lasted) in his room, and come downstairs when he was happy. It stinks that it is waking Mason up, which would also happen in our house, but after awhile, he seemed to get the hint. Snacks, a little TV time or distractions worked too…..most days. I think you are doing right to remain calm and consistent. It doesn’t matter how wonderful of a Mom you are, children are still so unpredictable!! Hope this helps! 😉


  2. What a great post, Sharon! I love all of the pictures. The plate turned out so adorable! I am sorry you are feeling overwhelmed. When I have a 2 page “to-Do List” I get very overwhelmed and depressed. What I have started doing is when The boys go down for naps, before any chores or laundry folding, I do something for ME! I usually just plug my ears with my ipod and decompress. I figure, Well, I can fold laundry while the boys are awake, playing but, I can’t Blog when they are awake. I’m glad you took the time to Blog this morning! It’s important to do things for yourself when you have the chance! Thanks for sharing your week!



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