Mason’s Dedication

We dedicated Mason to God on Sunday.  We were joined with my Grandparents Eugene and Carolyn, my Mom, and my brother Spencer and his wife Lisa, to celebrate this important milestone in Mason’s life.  He didn’t wear a fancy Christening gown, but he was able to wear the same shirt that Parker wore for his dedication, which I thought was quite fitting.  It could be our little family tradition.  We learned something new during the dedication, we learned what the biblical meaning is for Mason, which is OVERCOMER.  Here is the corresponding verse with the meaning:

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.  To the one who conquers I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, with a new name written on the stone that no one knows except the one who receives it. Revelations 2:17 ESV

This dedication was a little different from when we dedicated Parker.  With Parker, we did it during the service, and simply made a declaration in front of the church to train him in the ways of God, and to be a Godly example for him.  With Mason’s ceremony, we had a bit of homework to do, and we discussed it among our family that we invited to the ceremony.  We were asked to write the kind of person that we hoped to see our child become by the time he/she turned 18.  This is what Dan and I came up with after discussing it.

Our prayer for Mason when he is older is that he is happy, healthy, and someone who has a heart after God.  We pray that he goes through life seeking God’s approval, rather than that of man, and that he strives to surround himself with Godly people and influences.  We pray that Mason learns the value in family, learns to stay strong in the challenging times, and is able to enjoy life and laugh through the good times.

We didn’t have a lot of space on the worksheet, but of course there are many other attributes that we hope that he has, such as a servant’s heart, and someone who strives to always be kind, giving, loving, and a great friend to others.  I don’t know a lot about Mason’s personality right now, but I do know that he loves to smile, he enjoys being loved on, and he seems to enjoy observing before trying something new.  He has always been great at everything that he’s been given.  I was nervous about weaning from swaddling,  nursing, and then recently, the paci, and he took very well to all of them, which goes to show that OVERCOMER is actually quite fitting.  I can already tell that he can overcome any potential challenge, or obstacle that is thrown his way, and allow God to guide him through it.

In addition to having Mason dedicated, we asked my brother Spencer and his wife Lisa if they would become Godparents to Mason.  They were asked if they would help be a spiritual guide as well as moral support to him throughout his life.  In other words, his little cheer leader and mentor in life.  We couldn’t think of a more fitting couple.  They recently moved closer, and we are so thankful that we are able to visit with them on a more frequent basis.

One thought on “Mason’s Dedication

  1. My son is also named Mason. I too asked what was his spiritual name. I wasn’t surprised to know it is “overcomer”. Mason was due Dec 14th, 2012 but was born Sept 10th, 2012. He has been in the NICU since but he has overcame everything the doctors has spoken. Jesus the son of God is Mason’s real doctor and by HIS stripes Mason is healed. He will be coming home soon. I looked at your picture with your son and you are very blessed and anointed. I pray God continues to show you, you and HIS purpose for you.



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