Fun at Home

Since the weather has been getting colder lately, we’ve been getting creative at home coming up with some ideas for the boys.  As much as I’d love to sit with Parker and do crafts, and have some “quiet time”.  He’s just too rambunctious for that.  I love the fun energy he has.  It is the best way to get us all in a great mood.  We decided to throw all the pillows that were on the bed, on the floor, and call it “Pillow Mountain”.  Parker loved diving into the pile of pillows, but not before yelling the ceremonial “Pillow Mountian!” prior to his take off.

It became a favorite, and Mason ended up loving it just as much. He was all giggles watching Parker jump and play with the pillows!  The red tunnel is also a big favorite, and what’s a pillow mountain without a tunnel?

What great memories we created with such just the simple things!

Watching this makes my heart happy.  I’m so glad I am blessed with boys, and I can have fun rough housing and playing with them!

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