Here’s my dose of Insta-Therapy! I’m linking up with Jeannett over at Life Rearranged and posting iphone pics from the week!

Lizzie was really in need of a good bath, and I didn’t want to go through the trouble of scheduling someone to do it for us, with all the trimmings.  So, I dusted off my dog shampoo that had been hidden behind the clutter under the bathroom sink, and gave her a good bath.  She was the happiest, and most frisky girl, I’d seen in a while.  The boys LOVED seeing her like this.


Mason isn’t quite pulling himself up completely to stand.  He usually just makes it to his knees.  However, he does enjoy being placed on his feet, to be able to look around like a “big boy”! I know it’s a bit of a blurry picture, but that’s because he likes to be a little wobbly.


This week was the last week before Christmas break at St. Aidan’s where Parker has his MMO class.  So, I made some little nifty Christmas presents for the teachers.  I got it from this idea  I saw on Pinterest.  I know, I know… I spelled  s’more wrong.  Lovely, right?


I met up with Sarah and some Mommy friends at Catch Air this week.  Parker and Mason both had a blast, per usual.  However, it was insanely busy!  I guess that’s to be expected with school out and it being a rainy day, but there were not only a lot of kids, but some big kids too.  Parker LOVES hanging out with big kids, but always ends up with some bumps and bruises.  This day was no exception, but they both still had lots of fun!



Parker had lots of fun with his buddy Logan, running through the monkey grass at the local park. It was so hard to catch a decent picture of them because they were really taking off!


Parker has so much fun just being my helper.  He LOVES when I let him help me with my chores and things around the house.  He feels like such a big boy, which is all the rage now.  Here is is, helping me mix the solution for the cloth wipes.

I met up with Ms. Danielle at Phipps Plaza on Wednesday, to have dinner at Twist, and do a little shopping.  Okay, well the shopping wasn’t exactly planned, but this Mama barely has time to shop and have fun, so I took advantage.  I bought way too much at Nordstrom, and Danielle and I had fun looking around Janie and Jack, and gawking at their cutesy girl clothes, and over priced outfits.  She found this cute little girl dress that totally would be a little mini Danielle outfit. SO cute!



Upon leaving Phipps on Wednesday, I was taken back for a second by this beautiful traditional church that stood lit up in the distance.  A sweet reminder for the reason for the season, amongst the hustle and bustle in December.


Parker wasn’t really feeling well last night, but he seems to be a little more cooperative when he’s under the weather.  So, I thought I’d try to cheer him up by having him help me make a batch of cookies.  We had a lot of fun doing little Christmas Tree, Gingerbread Man, and Candy Cane cut-outs, but his favorite was just making the round cookies and getting to sprinkle toppings on them. I got a few smiles out of him, which made it all worth the mess.

Looking forward to Christmas in a couple of days!  How was your week?

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