Christmas Festivities

Since Parker is older this year, we’ve been introducing him to some fun Christmas related activities that he has really taken well to.  I love that he is finally old enough to enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit.

Last week Parker and I met up with Sarah and Marcie, and their kids, and decorated Christmas cookies at the Alpharetta Community Center.  Parker had a great time decorating, and getting his sweet fix.  A baloonist made him a very cool guitar and “mic” to go along with it, and he even got a chance to jam out to Christmas tunes with his buddy Logan. The boys also got to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Clause!

On Monday evening, we did our annual trip to Lake Lanier’s “Magical Night of Lights”, like we did last year.  We were smart this year, and used a coupon, and went early as well as on a week night. We paid way too much last year, and learned our lesson.  It was MUCH less crowded this time, and we had a great time viewing the lights, going to Santa’s Workshop and picking out an ornament, roasting marshmallows, and visiting the farm animals.  Overall, a great family night out!

And no, I didn’t give Mason any roasted marshmallows.  Just because he would eat anything…doesn’t mean he should.  But Mama had fun teasing.  I’m so mean, aren’t I? He did however, get the graham cracker to the otherwise complete smore.

Parker on the other hand, got a roasted marshmallow, and some.  He accidentally took a sip of Dan’s coke which was in the back pocket of the stroller.  Here was his initial reaction…

Afterwards, he proceeded with a jittery happy dance.  I think he’ll be a coke addict for sure.  Let’s be clear..we’re talking about the soda people

One random day while at playgroup, Meagan, Sarah, and I were talking about fun Christmas activities.  Then we got on the subject of Gingerbread houses.  The three of us agreed that it would be a fun activity for the boys, so we decided to plan a little playdate to do just that. I think the Mamas put in more of the hard work, while the boys put in a lot of munchin’ time.  It was lots of fun, even with the chaos of six boys!

He wouldn’t even put one stinkin’ piece on the house.  Each one went straight to the mouth!

We had a wonderful time! I’m looking forward to enjoying more Christmas fun, as the holiday approaches!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Festivities

  1. What a great post! Thanks for sharing those photos of today. We had a great time and were so excited to have you over. Thanks for being such an awesome friend. Logan just loves you and your boys to pieces! If you decide you want the gingerbread house for Xmas decor, I don’t mind dropping it of this weekend! After all, you did such a great job with it!


    • For every moment of fun, there are a few moments of disaster/challenge/struggle. It gets exciting, but exhausting too! They would love some hugs from Aunt Danielle! You can come for a visit anytime! 😉


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