Big Boys and Big Milestones!

There’s been a whole lot of milestones going on in the Christiansen house lately.  Here’s a little recap

Mason turned 9 months on Sunday. Yes, my friends.  He’s growing up so stinkin’ fast! It is true what they say about second born, being even faster growing than the first.  I’m not sure if its because Mason is trying to catching up with his big bro, or what, but he is definitely growing and changing, more quickly than I’d like.  He’s crawling all over the place, now.  He’s still doing just an army crawl, but it has gotten much faster.  When he’s in a disposable diaper, or when he’s naked, I’ve seen him a few times get up on his knees and rock some.

He’s still a BIG TIME eater.  He gets to be quite the impatient one at meal time. If I’m not scooping it into his mouth, or giving him something to let him shovel in, then he’s got something to say about it.  He’s eating meals similar to Parker now, except smaller, and more veggies.  I still offer the veggies to Parker, but he doesn’t seem to take to them as well as Mason does.  He loves everything from cheese bread and turkey, to carrots and peas.  If I put it in front of him, he eats it. I have yet to find something that he’ll turn away that is home made.  He’s made weird faces when I’ve given him jarred baby food, when we’ve been on the go, but other than that, he’s not picky at all!

He’s been such a mover and shaker lately, and so much so, that he hasn’t wanted to nurse during the day.  I kept trying to force it on him, but it would just makes him angry.  We would have this battle where he would pull off, and I would re-latch him over… and over… and over again for about five to ten minutes, until FINALLY  the let-down would happen.  Needless to say, this wasn’t fun for either of us. So, in short, I think he’s self weaning.  It is against my wishes, but it appears to be what he wants.  He’s nursing first thing in the morning, and sometimes before bed, and getting two formula bottles (Earth’s Best) during the day.  I keep reminding the perfectionist in me that formula IS NOT poison. And, although I long to be one of those Moms who nurse their child on demand until they can toddle, apparently, that just isn’t in the cards for us. *Sigh*

He’s still a great sleeper, which we are forever grateful for.  He does have the occasional night waking, grabbing out his mouth.  I have to say, though.  He’s a trooper! He had four top teeth come in at the same time, and now he’s working on cutting his seventh tooth! He’s such a happy kid, though.  Just these last few weeks, I’ve noticed just how much he loves to smile and laugh.  Some of his favorite things are (in no particular order): His brother, and his kisses, Lizzie and her wet kisses, Playing with Daddy and Parker on Mama and Daddy’s bed, wagon rides, park swings, Elmo, playing in his play yard.  He’s saying Mama, Dada, and “ok”.  Can clap and wave (on occasion, still working on it!), and loves to give free smiles and hugs.  Gawh, I love that boy!

Parker is not only a big brother, but is turning into quite the BIG BOY, too.  This week we transformed his crib into a big boy bed.  He’s doing SO good with it too.  I hyped it up, and told him that he was getting to be SUCH a big boy, and that it was time for him to be in a big boy bed.  He was so excited about it that he wanted to go to sleep immediately and wanted me to go away and cut out the lights so he could go to sleep!  It was so funny.  I gave him a few ground rules (no standing, jumping, or leaving his bed during “sleep” times) and he replied with, “Okay Mommy!”.  We took the child proof knob off the door, and he has lots of freedom now!  He’s done great at staying in his bed at night.  Yesterday at nap, he didn’t want to stay in there, and I ended up napping on the floor beside him, but today, he went straight to bed for his nap, and didn’t attempt to get out once!  I’m such a proud Mama.

Of course, Mason had to join in on the fun! They love each other so much!   So, why did we make this big step?  Well, I wanted to get Parker used to being a “big boy” because we’re about to take the plunge into potty training!  After reading the ebook from THIS site, I’m ready to go knock it out.  We’ve got a few potty related gifts under the tree to get Parker excited, and then we plan to start soon after Christmas.  Dan won’t be traveling for a few weeks, and Parker will be on “winter break” for a few weeks from his Mother’s Morning Out Class, so it’ll be a good time to just bite the bullet and have him trained.  He’s showing lots of readiness signs, and his verbal skills are improving daily.  I know this will be a big challenge for Parker as well as Dan and I.  It’ll test our patience and rack our nerves, but I’m hoping that with all the distractions of the Christmas toys that we’ll have for him to play with, and lots of preparation and help from Dan, that it’ll be a thing of the past in no time.  I’m trying not to have high expectations of early training, but at the same time, stay positive that he will in fact be trained before school starts back.  I’m leaving it up to him as to whether or not he’s ready for overnight training.  I will set him up for success according to what the ebook says, and see what happens!

Parker has also been doing great at school, too.  He’s had a lot of exciting events, with a big Thanksgiving potluck in November, and tonight he participated in his very first Christmas Concert.  He is turning out to big such a big kid!  I can’t believe that Mason will be doing all this same stuff, this time next year.

Thanksgiving Potluck

"Twinkle, Twinkle, Christmas Star!" Parker sings enthusiastically for the concert

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