A Rockin’ Halloween

This year we had a wonderful Halloween.  I didn’t celebrate Halloween as a child growing up, but Dan and I have decided to participate as long as we kept it fun and lighthearted (no calling for evil spirits or chants…).  I’ve had a lot of fun living out this holiday through my boys.  Since Parker has shown so much interest in music this year with all of his dancing, guitar playing and drum banging, we thought a rock star costume would suit him well.  With Mason being a cutie “tough” looking baby that he is, I knew he could totally pull off a side kick band member.

We started the day with a playdate picnic in a nearby park.  We had fun enjoying the cool breezy sunny weather.  Parker loved hanging out with his friends and playing per usual.

We’ve become great friends with the Howells‘, and they invited us to go trick or treating with them and their son Logan.  Parker had a great time for his very first trick or treating experience!  Everyone LOVED his costume.  Since it was getting a little cold, and the “tattoo sleeves” weren’t very good at keeping him warm, we threw on a leather Harley Davidson jacket that Sara let us barrow.  It sort-of turned his look into more of a “biker” look, but he still looked super cool in my opinion.  But, I suppose I’m a little bias.  There was a huge turnout in the neighborhood and I have never seen so many awesome costumes all together.  Trying not to sound lame, but it was pretty freegin cool.

For those curious about the costumes, I got Mason’s AC/DC onsie from Target, his bandana from Party City, and his leggings from this etsy seller.  I got Parker’s shirt from this etsy seller, and the jeans were already a consignment find in his normal wardrobe. I used some black hairspray from Party city to help turn his hair into a mohawk, and as I mentioned, we borrowed the jacket from our friend Sarah.

We had the best Halloween ever!  Even though it’s my first time really experiencing Halloween, it was certainly fun and an exciting event.  I can’t wait to see what creative ideas we can come up with next year!

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