Fun Fall Weekend

We were happy that Dan would be taking the day off on Friday for a family day. He has been traveling all week long for the past few months, working very hard to provide for the family.  He made it a short travel week because he had “Donuts with Dad” with Parker at school, that he didn’t want to miss for anything. It was nice for him to have a little bit of a break to enjoy the family, and us enjoy him.   The weather was beautiful, so we planned a trip to the Atlanta Zoo.  This would be Parker’s second trip, and Mason’s first trip.  Parker had fun running through the zoo, per usual…exploring and absorbing everything that he could with smiles of curiosity and intrigue.  Mason loved the animals too, especially the petting zoo.  Our dog Lizzie always makes him giggle, and these animals were no exception.


We had another family day, keeping it low key we grabbed a yummy breakfast at Original Pancake House and relaxed around the house.  We enjoyed the nice weather by playing in the backyard, and then we tidied up the house a bit and caught up on laundry.  Later in the day Dan watched the boys so I could help host and attend  a “Sip and See” to honor of baby Jude Herty.  It was fun girls time and I got to hold and celebrate a sweet little baby!


We went to the early service at church, and after we all took an afternoon snooze, we headed down to the Cumming Country Fair.  We had such a great time.  Parker rode his very first ride by himself.  He wasn’t too sure what to think of it.  He kept a stoic face the entire time…trying to decide if he was scared, or enjoying himself.  Dan and I looked like fools trying to get him to lighten up and smile for the camera.  We enjoyed some good (not healthy) carnival food for dinner, finishing it off with a traditional funnel cake. Super yummy!  Then we headed over to the barn to visit all of the animals.  That was Parker’s favorite by far!

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