Linking up with Life Rearranged and posting another Insta Friday!  Doesn’t that just make you InstaHappy?  Okay, I’ll stop and get on with it!

So, last weekend was nice. We enjoyed the beautiful weather, went to a festival, went to a surprise birthday party with some friends.  It was at a bbq place, and my wonderful husband with the slender figure ordered this…

Dan and Parker enjoyed goofing off in the yard.  Kicking around the ball and chasing after one another.

Parker giving Mason a hug in their “Sunday’s Best” attire.  So what if I had to ask Parker to give him a hug.  Still cute nonetheless!

So, does anyone want to take a shot at what this picture above is?  Yep, you probably guessed that is my “Mama’s Milk” storage.  I got to sorting it the other day to get the dates in order to use, and I started to feel proud of my little stash.  I had a mere one or two bottles stored when I was nursing Parker.  But I’ve been diligent at pumping once a day (for the most part) to keep up my supply for a few months now.  I use about a bottle a day to mix with baby food that I’ve been making, so it works out nicely.

I love this little booger.  It was a little chilly on Sunday, so I found this cute little hammi-down jacket from Parker.  I love his little ears and adorable little smile.

Nannie came over and had lots of fun with Parker.  They enjoyed playing with chalk on the patio among other things.

Nannie was sweet enough to treat us to lunch too.  So, we headed to Sweet Tomatoes and Parker had a great time digging into the veggies, and of course eating some frozen yogurt with sprinkles.  I think he really enjoyed it… what do you think?

We went to Catch Air this week with our playgroup. Parker had a blast sliding, jumping, riding the exercise equipment (above), listening to a mere 3 minutes of story time, climbing up through the maze of tunnels and obstacles.  My little explorer enjoyed every minute of it.

When Parker has MMO on Tuesday and Thursdays, Mason and I really enjoy hanging out and spending some special Mommy-baby bonding time together.  Here we are, being goofy together.

Parker enjoyed “Donuts with Dad” today at St. Aidan’s.  Dan said that Parker had lots of fun and that afterwards, he led a pack of kids on a sugar high up and down a stage, running around like crazy kids.  That’s my boy!

 Tell me how your week was!

life rearranged

4 thoughts on “InstaFriday

  1. I’m super impressed with your milk stash!! I have zero milk stored! Boo on me! Haha. Have a great weekend. Your little guys are too cute.

    Visiting from the link up!



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