Over the weekend

This past weekend was a little more eventful than usual, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to do a little blog entry. On Saturday, we had planned on a visit from my Dad, Step-Mom Rennie and brother Christopher. During the day, in addition to straightening the house for company, we made it to the park to soak in some sunshine before the boys went down for their naps.

We had Mason decked out in his cute little plaid shorts and hat combo. He was rockin’ the park attire. CUTEST. BABY. THERE.
On the way to the park, we got a call from my Dad wanting to ask me a question. I knew that he was planning to stay with my uncle Steve during his visit to Atlanta, but what I didn’t know was that my uncle Steve would ask to come tag along during their visit with us.  For those of you who don’t know, my uncle has been estranged from much of the family since the news broke of his elicit affair with the woman across the street from their family home, and then announcement that he was leaving his wife and family to pursue a relationship, and soon marry this woman.  The situation leaves a very bad taste in my mouth, not only because of the affair, but because the woman was a family friend, and all of the pain, hurt and division that this has caused in the family. Somehow though, the people pleaser in me made an appearance long enough to stomach a “Yes” answer, and he joined us for a cook out at our house.  Fortunately, he didn’t ask if his new wife could come. That would be too painful to even discuss.  We surprisingly, had a great time with him though.  It had been almost two years since we had talked, but we all had great conversation, and a good time enjoying ourselves, and the beautiful weather that God brought us on Saturday.  We had a nice cook out on our patio, soaking in the brand new cool fall air.  This was the first time Rennie and Dad had met Mason and they had a great time loving all over him.  Parker, of course, got plenty of love too.  Steve had a good time horse playing with him as well.  Overall, a nice visit!

Grandma and Grandpa came with gifts!

On Sunday, we spent some family time together and went up to Amicalola falls in north Georgia.  It was such a nice time enjoying nature and family time.  The leaves weren’t quite turned yet.  Just a few yellow or red leaves to be seen, but the weather was perfect, so it was nice to just enjoy the cool weather and a get some exercise walking to the falls.  Half way up, they have a parking lot where there is stroller and handicap access, so we didn’t technically walk the entire falls, but we just enjoyed the view from halfway without having to do all the work. One day, when the boys are older, we’ll take the hike up the entire thing.  But until then, we’ll settle for these amazing views.

Parker and Daddy throwing rocks.

Another pretty cool thing happened this weekend.  Mason started clapping!  He is growing up so fast, and I am just going to savor every awesome moment that I can.  Here I am, being a proud Mama, and enjoying my cute little guy.

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