Good Dog

I feel bad. Everyone told us this would happen. Our baby before the boys came around isn’t our baby anymore. We denied that it would happen to us, but it’s just hard to give our dog Lizzie as much love and affection that she deserves when there are two other needy persons. Occasionally though, we enjoy some horse playing around. She is SO good with both Parker and Mason and always takes extra care not to hurt them. I wish the boys took the same care. They jump on her and yank on her fur, and the only thing Lizzie does is do what she always does…give lots of kisses. She really is the best pooch ever.

After some fun wrestling time with the boys…she goes and hides. I don’t blame her!


2 thoughts on “Good Dog

  1. I love my Lizzie Boo… She has been a great dog over the years. The kids love her and she always wants to be around every kid that comes over our house. She loves children!


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