Happy Half Birthday, Mason!

Dear Mason,

It’s surreal that I am already typing this note to you on your six month birthday, and it literally seems like just a few months ago I was doing the same for your older brother, Parker. You, have been such a joy to the family. You’re very chill. I like that. Chill is good, especially when Mama is also busy chasing around a toddler.  You’re happy as can be all the time, smiling at total strangers while in your stroller, laughing at your brother being goofy and giggling when mommy does a tickle marathon on your belly and chubby thighs.  You’re such a loveable chunky legged cutie patootie.

From the moment we brought you home, we were so excited to snuggle you, love on you and officially have you be apart of the family.  You slept with us in our room, but in your own little bassinet for the first month.  We were such pro’s with you because it hadn’t been very long since we had your brother.  As soon as you would stir, I’d hop up and feed you, and then Daddy would be on hand to change your diaper afterwards, and then you quickly went back to dreamland.  We had a fast little system going that I would compare to how NASCAR has their tire and car check thing down pat for their cars.  Perhaps, you were our little race car. Your little gumdrop pacifier helped a lot too.  You hardly every cried, which I thought was pretty unusual, you would just whimper if you needed something.  I would feed you around the clock because you were SO big.  You needed much more food than the average newborn.  So, I decided I would feed you every 2-2.5hrs during the day, without you asking for it (even if that meant waking you up).  That way you would be nice and full during the day, and then let you tell us at night how often you’d like to eat.  That worked out great for us because you developed such a nice rhythm that you took great to naps and long bedtime stretches very early on.  We didn’t have to do any tough love and let you fuss to sleep or anything.  You have been a great sleeper with only waking at night when you really need something.  You were swaddled for the first seven weeks or so, but then you were rolling like a rolly polly all over the place, and so we decided to see if you would like to sleep in just a sleep sack, without being swaddled, and you did.  You really enjoyed your new found freedom.  You were always so good with change.  You took a pacifier, but most of the time, you liked to just suck your thumb.  You loved sucking your thumb.  If you were on your back in the crib and I came to wake you, you would just roll on your side and curl up and put that thumb in your mouth right away. It was the cutest thing!

And another thing you’re awesome at?  Eating.  I don’t think it comes as a surprise that you are a great eater and you can put away some food.  You were even trying to take Parker’s PB&J today at the park when he was finishing it up beside you in the stroller. You have been exclusively breastfed from the beginning, and you seem to love it.  It’s a great time for just the two of us to bond.  My favorite time is on lazy Saturdays when you squirm in your crib in the morning, Daddy goes and gets you and puts you in the bed with me to nurse, then moments later, brother comes screaming in and climbs all over us and we have a family snuggle time.  It’s one of the best of moments in our world.

We started feeding you solid foods around five and a half months.  Nursing you just wasn’t cutting it any more, and you were waking to eat more, so I decided to try some multi grain rice cereal.  You weren’t a fan at first, but now you LOVE to eat from a spoon.  You’ve only tried bananas, apples, and carrots mixed with your rice cereal, and breast milk, and you seem to really enjoy it.

When you were seven weeks old, we had a bit of a scare.  You see, your older bro Parker had a bit of a belly ache a few days prior, but otherwise was fine, so I didn’t think much of it.  Then one day I noticed that you were extra sleepy.  You hardly every cried most days, but this day you were especially quiet.  When I’d wake you up to feed you during the day, you would suckle a little bit, but I didn’t realize until the end of the day that you just weren’t eating much that day.  You were just super sleepy.  You felt a wee bit warm so I took your temp and it was over 101.  I called the doctor and they told me to take you to the emergency room to check you out.  You somehow caught a nasty virus from big brother.  I’m sure it won’t be the last time you caught something from him, but because you were so small, you had to get some pretty uncomfortable tests and it was really scary for both you and me and also your Daddy.  Your Daddy was on a business trip, but he rushed home on the first flight he could get on so that he could make sure you were okay.  He didn’t want anything bad to happen to his baby boy.  Through that I realized that you were different from your brother when you were sick.  You just liked to sleep, where as your brother would let me know by crying.  We were so relieved to find out that you were okay.

Your Daddy and I were just talking about how we took you on vacation when you were two months old to Destin… your first beach trip.  You were so awesome.  You were sleeping 8-10 hrs already at night, and you were so easy going and didn’t even mind that your brother Parker was throwing sand in your face while you were being nursed on the beach.  We strolled you everywhere, and you loved that we brought a little bouncer for you to lounge in on the beach and in the condo.  It was by far the best seat in the house.  It was your first vacation and you were such a pro at it.  You and your brother even napped at the same time on the way down in the car.  On the way back, we weren’t so lucky, but we had a fun time nonetheless.  We decided that the next trip would be a little shorter for our sanity, and yours as well.  This fall, we’ll be going on vacation just a few hours away from home, in Chattanooga.  I think you’re going to love it there.

You also experienced your first big holiday.  Although, Christmas is a few months away, and we look forward to seeing how you enjoy that, we had a great time during Easter this year, celebrating your first, and our first with two boys.  Of course, we were ultimately celebrating Jesus, who gave his life for us.  You’ll learn more about that as you get older.  We had a fun little celebration at Aunt Vickie’s house.  You and your brother stole the show with your matching outfits and adorable smiles.  You also watched brother do his first Easter egg hunt.  I can’t wait until you’re old enough to do your first hunt!

You seem to think your older brother, Parker is pretty funny.  Even though most of the time you guys are doing your own things.  Mostly, he’s running around doing his thing, and you’re rolling around on your blanket and jumping in your jumperoo, but when you guys get together, I love how you make each other laugh.  Parker LOVES to call you Mae Mae, and asks for you when you’re not around.  Today, I picked Parker up at school while you hung out with Nannie for a little bit, and when he noticed you weren’t there, he immediately asked for you.  He loves you so much, and I know that you guys are going to be the best of friends!

You have been making a lot of new friends that are your age already.  Since I am constantly taking your brother on play dates, you have met some little friends along the way.  It has been nice to hear about their mannerisms and how they compare to you.  It’s nice to have Moms that have older siblings, and other little ones your age.  I’m sure you will appreciate this when you’re a little older, and you guys can interact a little more.  Here you are with your friends Asher, Simeon, and Harper.  You have a few others around your age named Aidan, Amelia and Noah that I’m sure you will get to know through the years.

You have brought me so much happiness with your laid back personality and your happy smiles every day that remind me to appreciate the small things in life.  I can’t believe that it’s been six months, and I’m looking forward to the next six, the last months before we celebrate your very first birthday.  You’re just growing too stinking fast, and I wish I could just hold you and squeeze you in this moment for eternity, but I have to remind myself that you’ll just get older and more lovable as time goes on.  That’s what I have to tell myself to allow me not to get sad that you’re growing so quickly, outgrowing your clothes, and your car seat carrier, and that you’re doing awesome things like laughing and swinging in big kid park swings… rolling around from here to there and trying to crawl, sitting up just long enough for your big whopping head to tip you sideways or forward.  You’re just an amazing little baby boy, and I just can’t wait to see how you grow and learn, and see how our bond grows stronger through the years.  You make an amazing addition to this family, and I’m so glad that God brought you into our life.



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