Family Three Day Weekend and some more Bday fun

It was so nice to have a three day weekend with the fam.  We started it off on Friday night, celebrating Dan’s birthday.  We went to Olde Blind Dog for a date night and had a great dinner.  We had a few beers… and took a celebratory kamikaze shot.  Here’s a picture of us doing just that. (Yes, these are ALL iphone pics…so excuse the blurriness)

We took a nice stroll around downtown Crabapple afterwards, and we came across this…

I’ve seen this in the Verizon parking lot before, but somehow it’s SO much more hilarious when you’ve had a few drinks in you.  Danielle, do you know who owns this?  I’d hate to see what their cubicle looks like.

There was also some pretty sunflowers during our romantic evening walk.  It made me remember when I was a pre-teen and was OBSESSED with sunflowers.  Does anyone else remember Elizabeth Arden’s Sunflower fragrance?  Oh…really?  I’m the only one?

For Saturday, we I came up with this idea to go on the MARTA subway train…for FUN.  You see… Parker is obsessed with trains right now, and I was trying to think of something fun and unique for him to experience… So, we decided to pack the outdoor jogging stroller in the trunk, and head down to North Spring Station… go two stops to Dunwoody station and go over to Perimeter Mall and shop around (they have an awesome Disney store) and then take it back one more stop north to Sandy Springs.  We planned to eat at Max and Erma’s, but come to find out it was closed (and turned into Tilted Kilt…a restaurant that uses provocative waitresses to serve an frosted glass of irish beer).  Since that obviously wasn’t the best place to bring a family, we opted for Chick-fil-A instead, which was within walking distance.  Here are a few pictures that outlines our outing.

Parker LOVED the subway train.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVED!  However, he wasn’t much of a happy camper waiting for the train…for over THIRTY LOOOONG FREEGING MINUTES!  We really didn’t plan it very well since there was every UGA football fan imaginable on the train heading to ATL at the same time we were taking our “FUN” ride two stops. I know, I know… the subway looks empty… but that was on our way back. You should’ve seen it on the way there. Everyone and  their Mom was in red attire!

On Sunday, we decided that after church and the boy’s naps (ok, our naps too), that we would head up to Dahlonega to shop around and have a nice dinner at the Smith House.  After all, it is Dan’s birthday weekend..and the Smith House is a fav of his.  We had a great time.  I got a pretty little necklace, did some nice time window shopping with the boys (those stubborn shops aren’t very double stroller friendly) and had a yummy family dinner.  Oh…, and we got some fudge.  Can’t forget the yummy fudge!

Parker enjoyed window shopping with his feet kicked up.

In the parking lot of the Smith House, we spotted this ginormous pumpkin.  That is going to make one heck of a pumpkin pie.

After we came home and put the boys down for the night, we watched the movie called  I Am Number Four.  It’s a Sci-Fi flic, and normally not my style, but I totally got into it.  It was a great way to end the night.

On Monday, we just relaxed as a fam.  I’d love to say that we had this big production, but we didn’t.  We hung out…I taught Parker how to make a fruit smoothie, we watched some of Parker’s favorite shows, Daddy took Parker to Kangazoom for a bit to meet up with Campen, and his Daddy Ben.  Then after naps, we went to the mall to walk around, play, and eat dinner.  A nice relaxing end to the weekend.

How was your Labor Day Weekend?

2 thoughts on “Family Three Day Weekend and some more Bday fun

  1. Great Post Girl! I love all of the photos! I never even thought of taking Logan on Marta! What a great idea! We went to Marietta Square this weekend for an Art show and they have a REAL train there that the boys would love watching, I bet. There is also a huge playground with a play train to walk up and down. We should check that out when it gets cooler! 🙂 Im glad ya’ll had a good Labor Day weekend!


  2. Sunflowers, I was that girl too! My room was bright yellow and I had a yellow bedspread with sunflowers to match. So hideous!


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