I missed it last week, but I’ll make up for it! I’m linking up with Jeannett over at Life Rearranged again and post my week last few weeks in iphone pics.

I had such a great time with friends at Fowler park last Friday.  Here’s Parker, with his cute little friends Pax and Logan.

Enjoying a cookie at Starbucks with my cutie, after having dinner.

Mmmm Rice cereal!

Parker loves reading books to his brother.

Not. Enough. Cheese.

Mom came over per usual and hung out at Cogburn Park with Parker

Let’s just say, he hasn’t mastered the spoon.

Seriously…could he be any more pudgy…cute…squeezable…and downright irresistible? Mmm…that would be a NO.

Parker’s first day of “school” in the Mother’s Morning Out program, with breakfast waffle in tow.  I tried to put his backpack on him, but when I quickly realized that would result in a backhand spring, I opted to leave it out of the photo.  Look how “big boy” cute he looks!

After an entire week of having Dan gone, it was so nice to have a good family meal at Macaroni Grill.  The boys did great too!

Just in… Martha goes Gaga!

Parker is obsessed with being outside.  And frankly, so am I.  So, I decided it would be fun to have dinner on our much neglected back patio set.  What a nice little dinner we had. Only wish Daddy was home to join us.

Since Mason is officially on solid foods, I decided to start making his food like I did for Parker.  While Parker was at MMO, and Mason was napping, I whipped up so nice purees made with organic plums, apples and carrots. Yum!

Stamp and sticker activity with Parker.

Relaxing after a full on dance marathon on Mama’s bed.  Parker was jumping and dancing, and I had Mason on his back and I was dancing while he giggled and kicked his feet.  Of course, this picture doesn’t capture any of that…just parker yelling “HOLD” to my phone taking the picture, and Mason doing some head banging action.  It was fun nonetheless.

Tell me about your week!
life rearranged

3 thoughts on “InstaFriday

  1. cute little fellas!!! i like the park and tunnel pic!!!

    solid foods are so much easier to me for feeding babies!!! its fun to see all their faces with the diff tastes and textures!!! 🙂


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