Mason Starts Solids

We started Mason on solid food on Saturday.  He was five and a half months. I had planned to wait until closer to six months to start feeding him from a spoon, but Mason had another agenda.  With him being as big as he is (over 20lbs), exclusively breastfeeding 5-6x just wasn’t cutting it anymore.  He was sleeping 11-12 hrs straight, but then last week started to wake after about 8hrs, and then nursed like he was starving.  So, I knew it was time. Here he is, taking his first spoonfuls.

Disclosure: Please excuse my appearance. It looks as if I was having a severe anti-glamorous day. I had no idea Dan would be taping me without make-up and sloppy hair.


Now that he has started on solids, he’s back to sleeping 11-12hrs.  Wohoo!  He was just a hungry booger.  It’s been almost a week since he started, and even though he hates it in the video, he LOVES it now.  Every time the spoon gets near, he opens his mouth like a little bird. It’s so cute! We’re still just doing rice cereal and he’s taking about 2 tablespoons with breast milk, once a day.  I haven’t started with the purees yet, but I plan to make all my own baby food like I did with Parker.  It’s an exciting milestone to see what foods he’ll like!

One thought on “Mason Starts Solids

  1. Yay Mason! That looks super yummy! Hopefully that filled his sweet little belly up and he is back on 12 hours at night! You still look gorgeous even in your jammies with no makeup on, Sharon…I am jealous!! Great Post! 🙂


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