I think I’ll join Jeannett over at Life Rearranged again and post my weekly Insta-Therapy.

I love when I get to have lazy Saturday nights.  Dan was out of town at a hacker convention (DEFCON).  So, I turned to some cheap comfort-Blogging (Three Decades), Blue Moon, and a cheesy Lifetime-ish movie.  All the sweet comforts of home.

I can’t get over how big this kid is getting. Every day he’s starting to look more and more like a little boy!  He’s a five month old, cute, breastfed chunky baby, and I love him to pieces.  Here he is, lookin’ all fly for his cousin Anthony’s 1st birthday party.

Here’s Parker playing outside with his “RaRa!”  Man does he love that dinosaur!

Parker reading his books aloud.  SO STINKIN CUTE!

Parker has been somewhat of a picky eater the past few meals, so when I served him up some cheese filled noodles with marinara sauce, and he cleaned his plate, I was one proud Mama.  Parker thought it sure tasted yummy.  Score!

Nothing is cools the sweat of a hot August day like some pool time.

Parker gets so creative while I’m nursing Mason.  In the picture above, he went in his room and grabbed two wooden blocks and continued to bang them together while he danced in circles.

I know this is an InstaFriday post, but I just have to include the video to this too.

Parker, getting some Mama love at “Scratch”.

Enjoying some fun with digger, dump truck, and “Neee!”, which is how Parker says “Nannie”.

We went to Panera Bread for lunch on Wednesday, which was my actual 30th birthday.  Parker did great, but that little stinker can’t resist picking off Mama’s plate.

French toast anyone?

What better way to accompany some french toast, than a nice veggie/fruit smoothie?

I love my sweet family.  Overall, a nice low-key week with the boys.  How was yours?  Link up and post your InstaFriday!
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