My BIG guy and my Extroverted toddler

I’m sure you’ve heard….  My Mason is such the chunk chunk!  I took him to his four month appointment, and he was just over 19lbs and 26″ long!  This big guy is growing so fast, and I just can’t get enough of his squeezable lovable self.

The past week or so he’s been doing some new pretty note worthy stuff, and being the documenting Mama that I am, I just have to mention a few.  We introduced the jumperoo to Mason, and he LOVES it.  He can already jump in it quite a bit, and he is all smiles and coos.  About two weeks ago he laughed for the first time.  I tried to get it on camera, but in true fashion, once I grabbed my iphone to use the camera, and he wasn’t too interested.  He loves when I imitate his cooing.  He thinks it’s so funny and that seems to be his trigger to send him into giggle land.  He’s sleeping 12hrs straight, without feedings! Wohoo!  I’m totally impressed with this because I was completely prepared to get up once, maybe even twice a night to feed this big guy until he was six months old or older.  But ever since he learned to roll on his belly at 2 months, he started sleeping that way, and he has been a more sound sleeper ever since.  Only within the last few weeks has it turned from 8hrs to 12hrs.  And since his weight is certainly NOT an issue, he can continue to snooze!  He’s also has two teeth trying to come through.  Since Parker’s first tooth appeared at seven months, this one caught me off guard. Being that he is still exclusively breastfed, this milestone is not one that I am thrilled about him reaching so soon.  But, I’ll take it as they come.  One has already broke the surface, and the other is bulging white at the gums just waiting to break through.  I can’t believe he hasn’t been waking every few hours in pain.  Hopefully it continues!

He’s also wearing “Parker sized” diapers.  He’s outgrown the smaller infant cloth diapers, so him and Parker share the same size and covers. We got some thirsties covers with the snaps instead of the velcro, and we love them!  They stay on better and come in a few “boyish” patterns.  I would be in SO much trouble if I ever had a girl.

I’m starting to see more of his personality shine through too.  Mason is still very laid back and easy going. He’s not super serious, and not overly smiley like Parker was, but I’ve noticed that he does like to smile at familiar faces.  He thinks Parker hung the moon, and he loves seeing Mama and Daddy do silly faces at him.  I just love that chunky boy!

I’m learning so much more about Parker, my almost 22 month old, every day.  Yes, he tests boundaries, and yes, he has screaming fits and drives me insane. But isn’t that what having kids is about?  Maybe not all, but one thing that I can always count on, is that this little extroverted toddler defiantly loves to let his personality shine.  Recently when we were browsing Fry’s Electronics, Parker went up to two strangers and plowed into them and hugged their legs and looked up with a big grin to say “Hi!” and continued to wave until the stranger acknowledged him.  He LOVES people.  He’s such a people person and feeds off the energy of others.  Even though he gets upset when we leave places, or may throw a fit when I ask him to do something that he doesn’t want to do (a battle of wills). I have to remind myself to just let him be who he is and embrace it and try not to get caught up on what he “should be”.

As much as I want to think that all the other Moms out there have it figured out, they probably (like me) don’t know what the hell they’re doing either.  I’m so guilty of playing the comparison game, and being afraid of being judged by other Moms.  I need to just get over myself. He’ll never be the type of toddler that will be shy or cautious or sit still and listen to story time without the wiggles, or understand what “quiet time” is.  He’s energetic, determined, enthusiastic, and loves to laugh and dance. That’s just who he is.

I love that kid, and I need to cut him and myself some slack sometimes and just relax and enjoy.  I keep telling myself that all this will be over before I know it, and he’ll be a grown teen in no time.  He brings us SO much happiness, and joy and when we’re going through all the trials and stress of a toddler (learning his boundaries and learning how to navigate this world), I need to remember that joy and learn to extend grace.

One thought on “My BIG guy and my Extroverted toddler

  1. I love hearing about Parker and Mason and their little personalities. How fun! Your story about Parker made me think of a really great TED talk out there by Sir Ken Robinson on creativity. He talks about a girl that wouldn’t sit still in class and when her mother took her to the doctor for her fidgeting, he told her that she’s not sick – she’s a dancer. I loved that line. When the boys are not conforming to what I think should be the social norm, I remind myself that they are who they are even when it’s not what others say they should be. How beautiful that Parker is energetic and determined, and how wonderful that you embrace it! 🙂


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