Boom Boom Pow

We planned to keep July fourth low key this year. We grilled out, had fun popping pop-its on the patio with the neighbor kid, and had some fun pool time in the back yard.  Parker was in heaven.

Above is Parker’s reaction to an enthusiastic Boom! Following his first successful pop-it crashing to the ground.  Since he was so happy about the popping sound, we knew this young piro would love fireworks.  So, we decided to do a trial run after dinner before bathtime and then later come back after dark to set off some more fireworks.

That little kid could not stop staring in amazement.  His favorite words? “HOT” “MORE, PLEASE”!  I love that kid!

So, we came out later to set off the “big guns” and we were sadly disappointed because it had started raining.  We only shot off a few, and Parker LOVED them.  He didn’t even seem to notice that it was starting to pour during the last firework.  He kept looking at my face and saying MAMA! MAMA! and I just smiled and said Yay!! and he knew that everything was going to be alright.  He was safe in my arms.  Fun Times!

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