My Better half

Things have been a bit crazy lately. I guess when it rains, it pours. We got a scare earlier in the week with Dan’s Crohn’s disease.  He had a flare-up, and was in severe pain, so much so that he cancelled his business trip and checked himself into the ER on Monday. They ran tests and blood work,  and fortunately it wasn’t a full obstruction, just major inflammation that narrowed a portion of his intestines so much that he couldn’t hold down food or water and risked dehydration.  They were able to give him something to reduce the inflammation, and started him on a liquid diet.

It’s been a long struggle with his disease.  It wasn’t too long after we met that he had to be hospitalized because of an obstruction, and then later he had a bowel resection surgery where they took out a good portion of his intestines that was full of scar tissue and narrowed due to the disease.  That was a little over six years ago.  Although we are blessed to live in this day in age with all the different types of medicine readily available, it’s been a daily struggle for him with trying different diets, going on and off drugs, weight loss, living through the side effects of the medicine and the disease… I don’t know how he does it.  He’s the strongest guy I know.

I’d say it’s been even more of a challenge since we’ve had kids.  This requires more of our time and energy, and it sometimes means focusing less on ourselves in order to focus on caring for the kids.  During Dan’s recent hospitalization, I felt awful that I couldn’t be there for him to comfort him and make sure he was getting the best care from the nurses on staff (I have a tendency of whipping them into shape if they start to slack). But since we had our boys at home, it was more important that I be home taking care of them. With all that said, here we are only three days after his hospitalization, and he insisted on catching an early morning flight (which required him to get up at 4am) so he could make an important business meeting today.  Talk about committed!  This amazing husband of mine is definitely someone that I could learn a thing or two from when it comes to perseverance and dedication.  He gives me that gentle reminder how precious life is and that we need to take chances, live our dreams and go “all in” when doing so.

With the birth of our second son three months ago, this makes Dan’s second Father’s day, and the Dad of two boys.  Who would’ve thought it would happen so fast, but I’m so very glad that it did.  He has been the best Dad to our boys and I delight in each day when I see how he grows and bonds with our boys.  Parker and Mason have such a great example to look up to, to aspire to be, and to learn from.  Happy Father’s Day sweetie!

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