Delightful Destin

We had such a nice time on our first little vaca to Destin as a fam of four.  The trip down there wasn’t too bad… Parker and Mason took a nap at the same time and that gave us the reprieve we needed to continue.  We also found a cute little park right on the way where Parker could stretch his legs.  He loved getting out of the car and meeting some new playmates.

We had to pull over several times to nurse Mason… Have you seen this guy lately?  He’s a moose!  He’s been wearing clothes that Parker wore when he was sitting up, and trying to crawl…and he’s only TWO months old!  He’s still just exclusively breastfeeding, No bottles or formula…I just don’t get it.  What a hungry guy!

When we arrived at the condo, we were blown away at the views.  Absolutely stunning!

The weather was nice, in the 70’s, but the first few days it was very breezy.  Too much breeze on the beach can be bad, especially when it’s overcast.  We learned that pretty quick on our first venture out.  You know what else we learned…how much crap you gotta bring to the beach when you have kids!  I didn’t even occur to me that you can’t bring a stoller on the beach, and usually when we go anywhere we just dump everything in the undercarriage of the stroller.  Not on this sunny outing my friend.  We had floats, beach toys, adult chairs, bouncy chair, kid sized chair, umbrella, cooler and food…and of course a whole bunch of other “what if” junk like diapers, wipes, extra water, and sunscreen…ugh.  What a mother load!  Not to mention our two kids! We had to carry the baby…and Parker walks as slow as a turtle (especially on sand).  Mix that with a sore hip, and you’re ready for a margarita before you can say suntan.

It was all worth it for our boys though.  Exhausting…but totally worth it.

We visited the gulfarium in nearby Ft. Walton beach.  It was pretty cool.  Parker really enjoyed looking at all the different marine life.  They had a sea lion show, but Parker was more interested in trying to wiggle out of our laps for that. Maybe in a few more years he’ll be into it.

Since traveling with two small ones has its difficulties when it comes to doing activities, we decided to have a babysitter (who we found on Craigslist of all places- with excellent references) that we were using for our date night, join us for a boat ride to help with the boys.  She was awesome.  She held Mason so that I could take Parker in the water and Dan could do a snuba dive.

She was a great sitter, and we felt more than comfortable leaving her the following night for a date night.  We had a lot of fun together.  We had dinner at “The Back Porch”, which had some amazing views.

We also went to this unique place called Fudpuckers, where you can feed and hold real alligators!  We visited briefly on our date night, but then came back with Parker the next day.  He was interested for about five minutes…then he just wanted to run around, and see if he could figure out how to personally meet the alligator up close.

We had a lot of great outings, but some of my favorite moments were right in the condo.  Just being ourselves, letting loose, wrestling…tickling…and enjoying each other… making memories!

Our last day in Destin we hit the beach one last time in a nearby inlet, and then headed over to Harbor walk where they have a few nice stores, and good restaurants.  It was a great relaxing day to end the week.

It was a great trip, and we certainly plan to go back to Destin.  It was a beautiful place with lots of fun things to do.  The car ride was pretty rough at times, but I think the time spent in Destin, more than made up for it.  Can’t wait to see how the boys will do with future vacations like this one as they get older!

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