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So, it’s been a while since I’ve done a good brain dump.  Ya know… the kind of blog post that really says whats on my mind.  One of  THOSE… Nothing in particular…just rando-town thoughts. 1-2-3- GO

I think Glee is quite possibly my fav show. This is huge people. I don’t give that title out too freely. It is just that stinkin’ fantastic. I love it!  That Sue Sylvester… favorite quote? How about “Now take your juicy, vine-ripened chest fruit and get the hell out of my office.” Compliments of tonight’s repeat.  Gotta love it!  What is your favorite Glee performance?  These have to be a few of my favorites…

I’ve been reading more about different parenting styles lately.  You know…I always thought it was so cut and dry…Either you’re an attachment parent, or you’re more “Babywise” disciplinarian. Either you’re a parent who spanks, or doesn’t spank…Either you’re a toughie or a softie.  However, after doing some praying lately, God has really led me to develop a discipline style that works best for Parker.  I truly believe that leading him with love, and focusing on teaching and redirecting in a loving way really renders the best results.  Does that mean that I’ll never loose my cool and yell or get frustrated? Probably not.  But I have seen such an improvement in Parker’s temperament since I’ve been responding with a gentle tone. James 1:19-20 19 My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, 20 because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires”  Sometimes I think that us Christians feel the need to take corrective action to discipline our kids out of anger when they do something that we don’t want them to do.  But what does this teach our kids about how they should respond to someone not doing something that they want them to dot? If anger is all they see, then anger is what they’ll produce.  Show love instead, and see how they respond.  I also found this to be a great article… and I can totally relate to the challenges she speaks of!

Speaking of challenges, the next major challenge for Parker will be potty training.  I want to do some reading about it to get myself ready, but I want to make sure first of all, to know the signs of when Parker will be ready.  That way I can be a support to him during this transition.  Apparently, the average age of potty training is between 18 and 31 months, with 98% being fully potty trained by 36 months.  So, I’m in no rush, but I want to jump on it when all the signs point to it.  I plan to get Elizabeth Pantly’s “No Cry Potty Training  Solution” and just start reading through it to get prepared.  One thing I need to figure out a good cloth diapering- training pant solution.  I want to get something that is absorbent for accidents, but can be easily pulled up and down.  Any cloth diapering- potty trained Mamas out there, please weigh in!

Parker has been growing and changing so much lately.  He’s my little man.  We’ve been attending a lot of play groups lately, which has allowed him to explore in social settings, meet up with familiar faces, and allow me to learn about things he likes.  It’s been good for me getting practice on how to get out the house with two kids, and coordinate feedings and naps.  Not to mention, just getting some time to chat with some girlfriends and feel a little “normal” myself!

Parker playing “dress up” with his friends in front of the green screen at Imaginations at Play

Parker feeding the ducks at Autry Mill Nature Preserve

Checking out the Indian Tee pee at Autry Mill Nature preserve with Mom and Tots playgroup

Parker at Fowler park peeking out of the tunnel

Parker and his buddy Cole at Cogburn Park having some slide fun!

Parker and Pace hanging out with “Mama Kate” at Cogburn park

Mason and his buddy Aidan at a Hip Mama’s playdate

Playing T-ball at Kangazoom

and… I’ll leave you with a funny parenting FAIL…

3 thoughts on “Blog worthy thoughts

  1. Thank you Green Gem for responding. I later realized that a call for “potty trained Mamas” didn’t really make a lot of sense! Thanks for catching my drift, and for your very inspiring blog!!


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