Blurbs on the past few weeks

I’ve tried to post this for about a week now.  Needless to say, I’ve been a bit tied up.  Here’s what I got…

-Parker has been taking to the new addition pretty well.    He loves to bring blankets to Mason, try to give him paci’s when he cries and today he tried to give him a puzzle piece.  That’s my boy, already learning to share!

Pelvic Girdle Pain really sucks.  I’ve been to three chiropractor appointments with two different doctors, and still no reprieve.  I’m really getting antsy!  I want to be able to wrestle with my son, take long walks with the stroller in nice weather, stroll around the mall… all the things I love to do require me to be active.  Not to mention that this henders my daily activities like SLEEPING, walking up the stairs, laundry and dishes (standing in general).  Now that I’ve got all the whining out of my system, on the next one

– There are a few things that I forgot about a newborn

  • they wait until you’ve just finished diapering, dressing and swaddling them, to make another diaper explosion
  • Breastfeeding hurts, even the second time around.  Fortunately around the start of week 2, the soreness subsides, which I’ll take any day over 8 weeks, which is how long it took with Parker for the pain to go away
  • They sleep when you’re awake, and sometimes when you sleep, they think it’s playtime
  • Growth spurts happen unexpectedly, and you find yourself nursing all…day…long.
  • They HATE baths
  • They poop…A LOT
  • Their cry is so small, similar to a screeching bird
  • Car rides and stroller walks are a saving grace.  They love them, and quickly go to dreamland soon after
  • They love to snuggle.  Mason’s favorite spot is curled up on my chest while I sit on the sofa.  Simply, my favorite
  • They make the sweetest little faces, and they don’t even know they’re making them…

-Parker reached the 18 month mark.  We’re going to update his monthly picture every three months now.

-On March 19th, we celebrated our six year anniversary.  We got a sitter, and went out for dinner at Cabernet, an upscale restaurant only a few miles from our home.  It was so nice to sip on an Apple Martini, and enjoy a delicious dinner with my sweetheart.  We hadn’t planned on upgrading my wedding ring, but when I lost my wedding band last month, we thought that we mine as well.  Winning!

-We’ve been getting meals from friends of ours the past few weeks.  Oh my, have we enjoyed the meals!  From chicken pesto pasta to chicken pot pie and the yummiest desserts you could imagine!  We feel so blessed to have such awesome friends provide for us.

-I think Parker is hitting the terrible 2’s early.  Our pediatrician warned us of this, but I thought- oh, not MY Parker…he’s an angel!  Well, he was right.  He has the “nah nah nah” with the swift shaking head motion down pat!  He also does this whining thing when I hold Mason and wants to be held.  Let’s just say…it gets old real fast.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s still my sweet boy.  He’s just finding himself and gaining his independence.  It’s all apart of him growing and developing!

And that, is all I’ve got.


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