Classic Moments with two under 2

I could write a book on this already…

While I was nursing Mason, Parker was on the other side of the bed messing with the video monitor on the nightstand.  I told him No, and he continued to play with it.  Then I told him that if he did it again that he would go in time out.  So he picked it up, pressed a few more buttons, then happily walked over and put himself in time out.

Mason went for his first playdate with a little guy his age.  His new buddy Aidan is two weeks older than him.  After giving him a “look” as if to introduce himself, Aidan proceeded to sneeze right in his face.

During snack time, Parker and I split an orange.  He thought it was so yummy.  So much so, that he just couldn’t understand why the orange peel wasn’t edible, and decided to throw himself on the floor in a fit of frustration because I wouldn’t let him eat it.

We were in Mason’s room, waking him up, dressing and feeding him. I asked Parker if he wanted to go say “Good Morning” to Mason.  So, he came over, gave him a big kiss, and grabbed his hands and started doing “patty cake”.  Mason started to have his first grin!

After a nice stroller walk through Dahlonega with the boys, we were ready for a nice dinner at the Smith House.  We went to the car to drop off the stroller before heading in, and realized that Parker had emptied his entire sippy cup in his lap.  So, Parker went pantless to dinner.

After a nursing session in the middle of the night, sleepy from exhaustion, I very carefully began to undress Mason to change his diaper.  Soon after, proud that I didn’t manage to wake him in the process, I swaddled him snug and placed him in his crib.  As I go to turn the handle of the door to leave, careful not to make a peep…it happened- the sound of a newborn poop explosion.

Parker is obsessed with dipping food.  So, when we were at Zpizza the other night, and he had finished dipping all of his pizza in marinara sauce, he started to shovel in the marinara by the fist full.

When Parker and Daddy met back up with Mason and I after playing in the playground at Fowler park.  I asked Dan, “Did you see how cute those twin boys were with the matching outfits?”  He said “Yes, in fact, Parker went up to one of them and gave him a kiss on the lips!”

Parker had his first story time at Barnes and Noble hearing about “Chicks and Bunnies”.  He did really well for the first ten minutes or so.  Even waving to a few cute girls that sat near him.  Then all of a sudden he started making this loud grunt noise as if he needed to poop.  Soon after, he tried to walk on stage and I had to come get him.  That’s when the his evil twin emerged.

And… we all live to see another day.

Going toe to toe with my Toddler

I would love for everyone to think that my son is a perfect angel all the time, but since my blog is all about keeping it real, I have to be honest when it comes to my struggles as well as my victories, right?

Parker has been having a hard time lately.  As much as I wanted to believe that my son wouldn’t go through this, here we are.  The past few weeks have been such a power struggle with him.  I think part of it has to do with the fact that he’s aware that he doesn’t have my full attention like he did before, and another part of it is his age and just wanting to be more in control.  He’s becoming more self aware, and wants more control over his daily activities.  Everything from diapering and getting dressed, to boundaries outside and inside the home have been a struggle.

I don’t want to make an issue out of everything.  I don’t want to be the Mom that flips out every time their child doesn’t do what is asked.  I want to be the calm collected parent that focuses on the important things, and just lets the small stuff go.  I have to say, it’s harder than I ever thought it would be.  It’s hard to know where to draw the line between just ignoring or distracting and taking corrective action.  When the whining is excessive, and the shaking of the head and saying “Na, na, na” when told to do something, it can be very frustrating.  I know it must be frustrating for him at this age too because his verbal skills are very limited, and expressing what he wants, and getting upset when I don’t understand him is something that he has a hard time with.  He’s very outgoing, but can’t always figure out exactly what to say or do to express himself.  Having empathy about this has helped me not loose my cool when he goes through his excessive whining spells.  Other times he just wants to be the one who is in charge.  So, I try to let him choose what he wants to do as much as possible within “safe” limits. I don’t have to control every situation.  A little freedom with him goes a long way.

Sometimes though, he gets deliberately angry when he doesn’t get his way.  Although this isn’t often, I won’t accept kicking, throwing, hitting, biting, or scratching no matter how frustrated  he gets.  Even if he’s doing it in a playful manner, it’s not acceptable.  That’s why this week, we decided that we would start using time out.  We got a small table set, and conveniently have one extra small chair.  We found a corner of the room to put it in, away from his toys or any distractions.

He is still pretty young, and I know he won’t fully “get it” until later, but it has worked out well so far.  The rule is one minute per age, but since he’s still really young, we are just playing it by ear…literally.  When I’ve told him no, and given him a warning that there will be a consequence, and he does it again, I put him in the chair.  When he sits still without moving, calms down (isn’t yelling or fussing) for a little bit,  I come over and repeat what he did wrong, and tell him that when he does that he disobeys mommy.  Since he can’t say “Sorry” yet, or even understand what that means, I just ask for a kiss and hug, and time out is done.  I’m sure this will evolve as he gets older, and has a better understanding of it, but everyone has to start somewhere.

I’ve always said that I want SO much for my kids.  Maybe even some of the things that Dan and I didn’t have growing up.  One thing that I do not want though, is my kids to feel that they can overstep their boundaries with us to where we aren’t respected as their parents.  I want them to feel loved, and safe within the boundaries that we create.

I never thought this parenting thing would be this challenging, and Parker hasn’t even reached two yet!

Blurbs on the past few weeks

I’ve tried to post this for about a week now.  Needless to say, I’ve been a bit tied up.  Here’s what I got…

-Parker has been taking to the new addition pretty well.    He loves to bring blankets to Mason, try to give him paci’s when he cries and today he tried to give him a puzzle piece.  That’s my boy, already learning to share!

Pelvic Girdle Pain really sucks.  I’ve been to three chiropractor appointments with two different doctors, and still no reprieve.  I’m really getting antsy!  I want to be able to wrestle with my son, take long walks with the stroller in nice weather, stroll around the mall… all the things I love to do require me to be active.  Not to mention that this henders my daily activities like SLEEPING, walking up the stairs, laundry and dishes (standing in general).  Now that I’ve got all the whining out of my system, on the next one

– There are a few things that I forgot about a newborn

  • they wait until you’ve just finished diapering, dressing and swaddling them, to make another diaper explosion
  • Breastfeeding hurts, even the second time around.  Fortunately around the start of week 2, the soreness subsides, which I’ll take any day over 8 weeks, which is how long it took with Parker for the pain to go away
  • They sleep when you’re awake, and sometimes when you sleep, they think it’s playtime
  • Growth spurts happen unexpectedly, and you find yourself nursing all…day…long.
  • They HATE baths
  • They poop…A LOT
  • Their cry is so small, similar to a screeching bird
  • Car rides and stroller walks are a saving grace.  They love them, and quickly go to dreamland soon after
  • They love to snuggle.  Mason’s favorite spot is curled up on my chest while I sit on the sofa.  Simply, my favorite
  • They make the sweetest little faces, and they don’t even know they’re making them…

-Parker reached the 18 month mark.  We’re going to update his monthly picture every three months now.

-On March 19th, we celebrated our six year anniversary.  We got a sitter, and went out for dinner at Cabernet, an upscale restaurant only a few miles from our home.  It was so nice to sip on an Apple Martini, and enjoy a delicious dinner with my sweetheart.  We hadn’t planned on upgrading my wedding ring, but when I lost my wedding band last month, we thought that we mine as well.  Winning!

-We’ve been getting meals from friends of ours the past few weeks.  Oh my, have we enjoyed the meals!  From chicken pesto pasta to chicken pot pie and the yummiest desserts you could imagine!  We feel so blessed to have such awesome friends provide for us.

-I think Parker is hitting the terrible 2’s early.  Our pediatrician warned us of this, but I thought- oh, not MY Parker…he’s an angel!  Well, he was right.  He has the “nah nah nah” with the swift shaking head motion down pat!  He also does this whining thing when I hold Mason and wants to be held.  Let’s just say…it gets old real fast.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s still my sweet boy.  He’s just finding himself and gaining his independence.  It’s all apart of him growing and developing!

And that, is all I’ve got.