Welcome Baby Mason!

We are so happy that Mason is finally here!  Weighing in at a whopping 10lbs, 1oz and 22″ long.  He was was quite the big guy!  My labor went really well.  I was getting concerned because I knew that he was going to be big, and I didn’t want to have a c-section.  Even though Mason was born four days earlier than Parker, he was still almost an entire pound more.  How did this happen?  I exercised more with this last pregnancy than I did with Parker too.  Go figure.

The morning started early.  We had to be at the hospital at 5am.  We had dropped Parker off the night before so we didn’t have to wake him before heading to the hospital.  Dan and I both were so exhausted before the day even started.  They started my IV of fluids and pitocin around 6:30am, after I completed a boat load of paperwork.  They butchered my arm trying to get the IV started (hench the reason for the nasty bruise in some of the hospital pictures). They started me on a really slow drip.  It wasn’t too long after that, I received the epidural.   At 11:30 I had progressed to 6cm.  By 1:45 or so, I realized that the epidural pump was running out.  Shortly after,  I started to feel pain and pressure.  It seemed like forever that they got the epidural cartridge replaced, and got the nurse to come in to check me.  “You’re ready!” She said.  After a few practice pushes, she called in the Dr., and we tried for the real thing.  Three series of pushes through contractions and he was here!  It was SO fast.  I can’t believe how quickly he came.  It was so much easier and faster than Parker, even though he was so much bigger!

The next day Dan went to pick up Parker and bring him to the hospital. Ben and Gracile were so sweet to pick up a “big brother” shirt for him to wear to meet Mason. We think Parker was more interested in his graham cracker than his new brother. Here is how the meeting went… (check out Mason’s face when Parker kisses him, PRICELESS!)

We’ve enjoyed our first few nights home with our boys. It’s exhausting at times, but we are really enjoying the special moments that we’re having and the lasting memories being created.

4 thoughts on “Welcome Baby Mason!

  1. Congratulations! You’ll love every moment of watching Parker get to know his new, little brother. And, 10 pounds?!?!?!? Omg. You’re my hero.


  2. Sharon, he is just precious! He has the cutest little pouty face. And Parker meeting him – adorable! Spence and I were fighting back tears watching these. lol


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