Only 7 more weeks!

I can’t believe its only seven more weeks until my due date! I went in for my follow-up appointment with the perinatologist on Saturday. Due to the ice storm, my original appointment was pushed and they opened up on Saturday in order to take some of the missed appointments since the office was closed and the roads were impassable. The original doc I had an appointment with wasn’t available, but I had a different doc…who was easy on the eyes, super nice and had GREAT news! What more could I ask for? They said that Mason looks completely normal. He didn’t see any abnormalities at all, said that the ventricles were even and no excess fluid. Praise God! I was so happy to hear this news. No follow-up needed.

They took some more measurements and Mason is just over FIVE pounds! On average, I’ll more than likely gain about a half a pound a week up until my delivery and quite possibly even more if he goes later than the due date (or if I don’t lay off the sweets). That would put him in the 9-10lb range. Yikes! Thank you God for the epidural!

I also got some unexpected pictures of my little butterball. The ultrasound tech was wonderful and gave me some great shots. I love looking at his little face, even though it’s all mushed up inside of me. He looks a little like Parker did. I can’t wait to meet him!

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