This explains my last few days…

Every few minutes Parker grabs a book and runs over to me and proceeds to climb in my lap.  At first, I thought this was the sweetest thing…because it would happen a handful of times a day.  Now that we’ve been stuck in the house for four days in a row, I’m a little burnt out.  Yesterday he brought a book to me and tried to climb in my lap while I was trying to pee… seriously?

Being 8 months pregnant and home all day for four days straight will lead to the above.  Enough said.

Sleep! I’ve been taking some extra naps…although Parker hasn’t taken too well to them lately, only sleeping about 45mins to an hour per nap.  I’m convinced its because we’ve been staring at our four walls instead of getting out of the house. Of course, he still sleeps 12hrs at night…which helps me have my sanity.

Actually, this sums it up quite nicely…

2 thoughts on “This explains my last few days…

  1. Dan worked from home Monday, but left Tuesday afternoon for Miami… Way to rub it in right? It was pretty lonely and boring without him.


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