I Love…(a brag story about a sweet little boy)

I love how you’re so happy first thing in the morning. Even though I’m tired and grumpy, you never cease to make me smile
I love how Elmo and Sid make you break into a head bobbing happy dance
I love how you grab your stuffed animals by the face and walk around with them hanging from your mouth, all while shaking your head in a loud growl sound
I love that I can tell you to go get me a book, and you happily run to the bin and rummage through for your favorite book and run back with a big smile on your face and climb in my lap
I love how you break out in random goofiness, purposefully hanging food out of your mouth in order to get us to smile
I love how you chase after Lizzie, and then when she settles in the corner of the room, you scoot up close to her and use her as a pillow
I love that you still let me sing to you before bedtime. You happily rest your head on my chest and just listen. Its our special time together
I love how you light up with excitement when we enter a fun place like Catch Air, or the soft play area or carousel at the mall. You run with a big smile and shake your fists with excitement
I love how you sit with me and snuggle with a blanket on the sofa and watch the TV- even if its for a short time
I love how you break out in dance in random public places…forcing laughs from everyone around us.
I love how you wave to strangers at the grocery store and at restaurants…and if they don’t respond, you let out a loud noise so they turn and watch
I love how I can ask where baby Mason is and you point to my belly…and even try to pull up my shirt so you can smack me
I love how you listen when I ask you to pick up your toys and put them away
I love when I ask for a kiss, you lean in with a Mmmm sound
I love when giving you any sort of sweet, you happily pound your fists together (the sign for more), before you’ve even finished chewing and when you’re “all done” you open your palms and do a sweeping motion as if to say “Can’t you see I’m finished?”
I love that I can give you a tissue and ask you wipe your nose, and you brush it past in a quick swift movement, and you drop it… proud of your accomplishment
I love that “Da”, “Dada”, and “Daddy” are your favorite words to say you run around the house yelling it when Daddy is home and you’re looking for him, and sometimes when he’s traveling. You also call out to him when the phone rings-thinking that maybe you’ll get some “face time” with him.
I love how you tear up laughing when I do “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and tickle you in all your tickle spots
I love how you try to tickle me back
I love that you’re “my boy” and that you’re going to be a big brother. You never stop making your Daddy and me smile. You keep me young. You make me happy….that’s just a little bit of what I love.


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