New Years Babymoon

Parker is now 15 months old, and until recently, Dan and I have  never spent the night away together since he was born.  I have to admit, it’s mostly my fault.  I can be slightly neurotic…okay very neurotic when it comes to taking care of my most precious little boy.  The thought of Dan and I leaving him with someone was pretty terrifying to us.  However, my aunt Angie is a rock star.  She and her husband and family are some of our most favorite people.  I couldn’t think of anyone more fit to watch our little boy than them.  Even though I still obsessed over every detail of his little schedule-eating and sleeping habits (any any other tidbits in between)  for weeks prior.  When it came down to it, none of that even mattered.  It was more for my own sanity to have every detail written out.  Deep down, I just knew he would have a blast visiting with the family and enjoying receiving all the love they had to give.

It was with this peace of mind that we headed to Highlands, NC for a little New Years Babymoon.  This would be our last time away before baby Mason is born.  We really needed time to reconnect.  Time that didn’t involve a blurb about spraying baby poop out of a diaper, or picking up baby toys so the dog wouldn’t eat them, or putting away laundry.  Some time where we could really enjoy each other and fall in love with each other all over again.  We left on Friday later in the morning and dropped Parker off.  It was so nice driving up to Highlands without having to reach for a “silencer” toy for Parker every few minutes.  It was strangely silent in the backseat and we were loving it.

Highlands is a really cute town nestled in the mountains at 3,832 ft.  They have the most amazing alpine trees and there was still a beautiful 1-2″ of snow everywhere.  On the way to the bed and breakfast we were welcomed with daring switchbacks with frozen icicle waterfalls bordering the roads and frozen ponds where ducks made their way across with their little baby ducklings.  It was a nice change from Atlanta for sure.  It had a purity that was magical and beautiful.

We made reservations at the Inn at Half Mile Farm, which is an adorable bed and breakfast just outside of the little town.  We got a package that included a room with a fireplace, and a jetted tub and also a New Year’s dinner with a champagne toast- but sparkling cider for me!, live entertainment, and two gourmet breakfasts.  New Years was pretty low key.  We met some nice people at the B&B, but most seemed pretty shallow…bragging about their yachts, vacation homes, and what high-end private school they’re trying to get their child into.  Most of all,  I really enjoyed great conversation with Dan and the candle lit dinner.  It was just the relaxing night that we both needed to ring in the New Year and ease into a nice weekend together.

It rained all day on Saturday but we still managed to enjoy ourselves with our umbrellas in tow, and walking in and out of the cutesie little shops in town.  There was one where we got to taste different local jams and mustards and I found an apple butter that I just couldn’t turn down.  We also got our grub on at a local pizzeria, which didn’t have the best customer service but had some amazing pizza.  Of course, we couldn’t leave without visiting the Kilwin’s- the best local homemade chocolate place in town.  Dan got his usual nonpareils, and I enjoyed some chocolate covered almonds.  Just the trick to bring some sunshine to the rainy day.

One of the most exciting times was coming back home to our little boy.  We missed him SO much.  We joked about who would get to hold him first, and we settled on that we would get to pick him up at the same time and give a group hug.  Strangely enough though, when we arrived to pick up our little love bug, he was happily eating cheerios in Angie’s lap, and barely even noticed that we entered the room!  Could he really be ready to adopt a whole new set of parents after two nights away?  Say it ain’t so!  Of course, he soon warmed back up to us and allowed us to smother him with hugs and kisses.

The trip was a success for all of us.  What a great way to begin a New Year.

One thought on “New Years Babymoon

  1. It’s it amazing how much parents enjoy the time alone once they have kids! You never really appreciated as much an hour or two alone before, much less an entire weekend until you have to plan for it.

    Sounds like an awesome trip together! I am sure the time was a great “pick me up” to your relationship. 🙂


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