Happy Happy Christmas!

What a nice few weeks its been.  Its been crazy busy, but we’ve had some nice fun times for sure.

Our Christmas Eve was really nice.  I’ve always enjoyed Christmas Eve, but its hard sometimes not to stress out about all the busyness that it can bring.  We decided this year that we would order from Roasters, which is a great local rotisserie chicken place and pick it up to eat at home.  This would allow us to enjoy each other and not have to stress about cooking.  It was awesome too!  We had turkey, chicken, sweet potato souffle, fried okra, stuffing, cornbread… and it was all delicious.  We really enjoyed the food and the company of my Mom and sister Amanda.  After dinner and opening some pre Christmas presents, we headed to church.  We had to make a pit stop at Kholes because we couldn’t find Parker’s shoes anywhere.  We had torn the car apart, and then we began to panic because we didn’t have any shoes for him.  I ran through Kholes and picked up the first pair of decent size five boy shoes I could find and raced for the cashier.  Fortunately, we made it to church in time to check Parker in to the nursery and enjoy a really nice Christmas Eve service at Stonecreek.

Later in the evening, we headed to my Aunt Angie and Uncle Robby’s house for some cookies, goodies and visiting with family.  My Aunt Rachel and her family flew down from Boston, as they do every year and we got to visit with them, as well as some other cousins of mine.  My cousin Drew and wife Anna had their first child this year, and coincidentally, on the same day that Parker was born.  It is so amazing to see how little baby Jackson is compared to Parker.  I can’t believe that we had a baby as little as Jackson just last Christmas, and now we have a toddler!  Jackson and Parker got to meet briefly, and Jackson wasn’t too keen on the idea.  Hopefully they’ll get to have some fun playdates in the future!  Parker was a trooper staying up way past his beadtime and still enjoying everyone and was happy as a clam.  He was tricked out in the cutest little Christmas jammies by nights end.  That’s my boy.

Christmas day was very relaxing.  We loved spending time at home, warming our toes by the fire, listening to Christmas music, and opening presents.  I loved making a breakfast for the family.  I was busy cooking in the kitchen and made Parker some special baby blueberry pancakes.  In the meantime, Daddy and Parker were snuggled up on the sofa watching “A Christmas Story”.  After  a hearty breakfast, we opened our presents.  Parker loved opening his gifts and seeing what was wrapped.  He really enjoyed the gifts that he got.  Here are a few of the highlights:

Parker LOVES this toy.  The rest of the day Parker would run over to this toy slapping the button to get the balls to fly into the air while he danced and smiled with giddiness.  He really likes running after the balls to put them back into the popper to see them pop right back out again.  This toy was a success!

We got this toy coupled with a handful of little cars that he really enjoys too.  He just smacks the top gray bar, and two cars come racing down the track.  Of course not without the audible buzz voice “To infinity…AND beyond!”

He got this battery powered four wheeler from Aunt Jenna and Uncle Jon.  We haven’t opened it yet because the weather is so cold here, but I know he’s totally going to dig it when spring comes.  We’ll be bringing that to the park weekly to allow him to get his ride on.  He also got quite a few books, plush toys, flashcards, cars, and some small diaper bag toys for in the car.  He was in such a happy good mood on Christmas too.  He loved his toys and took great naps.  That right there was enough of a Christmas present for Dan and I.  However, Dan really spoiled me this Christmas.  I gave him a few ideas, but he ran with them and I ended up with these wonderful gifts:

I got an Elizabeth Arden gift set.  I told Dan that I’m really loving the smell of Elizabeth Arden’s “Pretty” perfume, as an idea, so he decided to go all out by getting me the makeup set and the perfume in a travel size with three extra refills!  I’m totally loving this new makeup.  It will certainly add a new “punch” to my makeup collection.

Let me just start by saying that I’m totally NOT an eye ware snob.  I typically buy $10. target sunglasses and chuck them in my purse without a case and replace them after they’ve been either lost, scratched beyond viewing or broken.  However, these… I love.  Dan totally surprised me by buying me these beautiful designer Tory Burch sunglasses.  I’ve got a little cleaning cloth, lens cleaner and CASE!  I have a sunglasses case people.  I’m moving up to high society here.

Dan has heard me mention a few times that I like white watches.  I had no idea that he would get me one for Christmas.  This one is awesome because it has a ceramic watch band, sapphire crystal, diamond markers, and swiss movements.  Certainly not the casual fossil white watches that caught my eye at the mall.  MUCH better!  This one is going to last and its super cute too.  I’m loving that he knows my style.

When I mentioned to Dan that I’d like something engraved with my boys names on it, I totally didn’t expect him to go to Etsy.com and pick out this adorable necklace with Parker and Mason’s birthstones on it.  He knows how much I love this site, and he couldn’t have pick a design that was more my style.  I love it and I’ve worn it every day since he gave it to me.  I’m just hoping that Mason stays a March baby since we have a March birthstone.  We’ll see!

Dan has been into collecting some high end knives, so I picked out a few from a list of ones that he liked for his Christmas gift.  I also got him a nice case to put all of them in, since he’s been building up quite a collection (he’s my protector!).  He’s mentioned quite a few times that he likes the movie “Despicable Me” so I got him a two disc set special edition that he loved and wanted to watch right away.  I also got him a case for his iphone that increases the battery life by double.

We were blessed with such a wonderful Christmas this year.  The last one with just our little guy Parker.  We’re excited to see what the holidays will bring in the future with two boys.  I don’t know if much can top this one.  I hope each of you had a great holiday as well!

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