Magical Night of Lights

On Monday night Dan and I decided that we would venture out to Lake Lanier to see the Magical Night of Lights display they have.   We were a little skeptical on how Parker would hold up since it’s about a 45 minute drive there and takes about 20 minutes to get through the park, and another 45 minutes home.  Our GPS took us through a neighborhood that ended up being a huge short cut, and wallah, we were there before we knew it.  But not without a little help from these guys:

I have to say, that I really enjoyed watching these in the back seat with Parker probably as much, if not more than he did.  I love Charlie Brown and it brings back so many great childhood memories of hanging out a Nannie and PawPaw’s house.  I’m really excited to start some new Christmas traditions with Parker now that he’s starting to understand a little more.  Each year will be more and more exciting.  The Elmo DVD was really good too. It had all kinds of big name actors that made some great appearances. My favorite was Jamie Fox and his rap-style Nutcracker piece.  Classic.

Surprisingly, Parker really enjoyed the lights.  The weather wasn’t so bad, so we had Parker bundled up and rolled down the window so he could see the lights from a less obstructed view.  He loved to point and say “Lighssss, Lighssss”.  After going through the maze of roads that consisted of the “12 days of Christmas” display, various Christmas characters, and snowflake lane, we headed to “Santa’s Workshop”.  This place is awesome.  Every year they have two huge fires in front of the house where toasting marshmallows takes place.  Oh yeah… We absolutely took part in that.

A new thing they had this year that Parker absolutely LOVED was a little petting zoo.  Parker has seen animals before, but this is the first time he was able to run around and chase them in a petting zoo setting.  Never mind that it was almost 8pm and getting close to bedtime.  He was just fascinated by the furry animals.  The most notable thing, was when Parker tried to eat the rabbit.  He always mouths his stuffed animals in the face at home, so when he saw the bunny, he was trying to do the same thing!  Simply adorable.

That trip certainly put is in the Christmas Spirit.  The only downside was that they charged $60. to enter the park, which was a complete rip off! They jacked the price up the week of Christmas, and we didn’t realize it until it was too late (and we had driven so far to see it).  We know now next year to not only come on a week night, but to come early in the month of December to avoid the hefty price tag. We still had a wonderful time.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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