Calming my paranoia

The past week has been rough. It started with Dan and I attempting to paint the nursery. We had considered hiring painters, but after getting our first quote of $350, we decided that it was best for us to do it ourselves. We decided on using eggshell finish (okay, I decided, Dan really wanted to use flat) because of its wipe ability on the surface. We used a flat finish in Parker’s room, and there are quite a few spots that aren’t easy to wipe up. The decision to use eggshell was the start of the nightmare.  We rolled a coat on and then later realized that I had applied gentle pressure, where as Dan had applied firm pressure and it seemed a bit uneven.  We brushed close to the ceiling and in the corners to ensure that we had covered everything.  We thought another coat would do the trick, but sadly, each roll mark and brush stroke was extremely apparent from the other.  Especially the brush strokes.  We never knew the rule to basically NEVER use a brush when using any paint with a gloss.  It looked like someone had gone around the room with a dirty paint brush and painted the cut-in work close to the ceiling and the wall corners with a MUCH paler version of our paint color.  This was still the case even after applying two very generous coats and an entire day of painting this nursery.  It sucked… all of the anticipation of a beautiful,  well painted nursery went out the window.  Dan and I didn’t handle it well and we didn’t want to bring it up since it became such a sore subject of…“okay, really… WTF happened here!!…” So, to spare our marriage, we decided to just take a break and give it a day or so to figure it out.   If it wasn’t for this magnificent little bundle growing inside of me…I assure you I would’ve thrown back a drink or two…and quite possibly a xanex.

Fast forward to the next day.  My follow-up ultrasound with the perinatologist.  I was SO incredibly anxious about this day.  I had thought about all of the possible things that could be wrong and became a Cyberchondriac the moment I had access to a computer after hearing the news.  I had replayed all the questions I would ask in my mind and all the possible scenarios, and I had gotten SO worked up about it.  Waiting for the appointment was the worst.  I arrived extra early and finally got in after an hour of waiting.  They had asked that I come 30 mins early to fill out “new patient” info, but that consisted of about three sheets on a clipboard, which I raced through.  There was a sonographer that started the ultrasound and we started to talk about the previous ultrasound and its findings.  I realized that I wouldn’t be getting the  3D ultrasound as previously hoped because it wouldn’t give them the visuals they needed to see inside the brain.  As soon as she got to the head measurements, I started to ask questions, where she promptly replied “I’m not allowed to respond about the findings, your doctor will go over everything”  After15 mins of silence and poking and prodding on my belly and taking measurements she finally concluded and said that the doctor would be in with “the findings”.  Tears began to weld up in my eyes…I just couldn’t take the anticipation any longer.  I just KNEW her stone cold facade was hiding some kind of horrible news that I just couldn’t bare to hear.

So, in comes the doc… very professional.  “Let’s have a look” he says and proceeds to wand my belly again as the first lady did.  After much viewing and LOTS of measuring, he says something like this ” Well, I can see that one side is a little larger… but the good news is, it looks like it’s still within the normal range.  It’s just a little asymetrical, which is completely normal.”  of course I followed up with a few questions of my own, but ultimately… it was SO nice to hear! And just like that… my paranoia started to subside.  Thank you God!! was all I kept repeating to myself.  My boy is just a little lopsided… Welcome to the family!  Aren’t we all just a little lopsided? Yes, my friend…we are.

From then on things started on the up and up.  Instead of obsessing over possible spinal bifida and down syndrome in my unborn son, I turned my obsessive energies back into getting the nursery painting debacle fixed.  I had read some conflicting things online, so I decided to call home depot for some advice.  Dan ultimately decided that it was the brush strokes that were making the difference in the wall, and decided to go back over it with a roller to see if that would fix it.  Wallah!  Just like that…the nursery is in an acceptable painted fashion.  Perfect?  No.  Acceptable, yes!  Dan really worked hard on it and I feel bad that I pushed the eggshell finish so much since that was really what was to blame for the apparent unevenness.  Bottom line…my husband is awesome, and always comes through.  Even when I’m a whiny complaining wife.  Now we have the room painted, almost all of the furniture delivered, and the fan installed.  This has been my much needed prozac for the week!

One thought on “Calming my paranoia

  1. Well, I am glad to hear the painting nightmare ended without a divorce.

    I am also thrilled that the ultrasound turned out to be a-ok!

    Now relax. 🙂


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