Ultrasound leaving me ultra-paranoid

Today I’m 27 weeks, 2 days pregnant. I can’t believe I’m already in my third trimester! I went in for a doctor visit and a follow-up ultrasound due to the location of my placenta in relation to my cervix, which I talked a little about here.  I was very happy to learn that the placenta has moved and is about 2.75″ away from the cervix, and will continue to move away the larger I get.  They confirmed that it is indeed a boy, and I was also happy to see on the ultrasound that Mason already has a head full of hair waving in the amniotic fluid.

Now, for the “scary” part.  After double checking all of the organs, the measurements for the head seemed larger.  At a closer look it looks as if  the left ventricle of the brain has about a mm of extra fluid.  Normal range is 5-10, and this was an 11.  The ultrasound technician and doctor reassured me that it’s probably nothing, and they’ve seen as much as 3mm of extra fluid, and the child has been born completely normal without any issues, but as a precaution, they want me to go to a perinatologist for a more in depth 3D ultrasound to take a closer look at it.  Of course me…being the worrywart that I am, started to panic.  Even with the “oh, it’s probably nothing, and will work itself out” message from the doc, I can’t help but wonder, and inquire about all of the “worst case scenarios”.  Exactly NOT what I wanted to hear.  I know God is in control of this and I’m praying that this will work itself out. I was really hoping that this would just confirm that everything was A-okay, but it just HAD to be something else!

Also, in addition to this news, it looks like my genes for having big babies hasn’t let me down.  Mason is no different, and he is in fact measuring big.  I asked if there was anything I could do since I have been diligent in my workout routines and watching my weight gain.  She said that Mason isn’t showing a lot of fat deposits, but just measuring overall bigger in his bone structure (body, head, legs, etc.) and that it’s not that he’s a “fat” baby, he’s just a big baby due to bone structure.  Geez, I guess it could be worse, I could be a small petite girl, but God blessed me with wide hips and jolly green giant figure, so hopefully that’ll be enough to push out this toddler.

Maybe Mason just needs a little bit of attention.  You know, with him being the second child, he’s got to “make his mark” so to speak right?  He just wants to get some cool 3D pics of himself just so he can then be the one to wave them in Parker’s face and say Nah Nah, I got 3D pictures and you didn’t!  I could also see Mason bragging to his pals…”Well, you think YOU were a large baby… guess how much I weighed!”

Oh, how I love you SO, my baby Mason.  I can’t wait to meet you! Just stop scaring the heck out of me will ya? Thx, Mom



2 thoughts on “Ultrasound leaving me ultra-paranoid

  1. Relax and remember “there is a reason for everything!” Also, I know you and your obsession with the internet! STAY AWAY from Google until you go get the 3D ultrasound.


  2. i second danielle’s advice…STAY off the internet. having spent 4 months in the nicu with davis, i’ve learned that the more you know, the worse off you are! just look at the positive…you’ll get to see really cool pics of baby mason!


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