It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas…

The past few months I’ve been really fired up about Christmas this year. Mostly because I know Parker will start to enjoy it more and more, and we could enjoy some memorable family time. Because of that, I thought we’d get a real tree this year that was hand picked from a farm in North Georgia and it would be the best tree in town. Well, that was until practicality hit me. Do I really want to say “NO!” every five seconds to my VERY curious, exploratory, lightning fast toddler? Do I really want there to be a negative association and the added frustration with this “special” tree that he can’t touch? Not so much. So, we decided that it probably wasn’t the best idea, and that my dreams of picking our fresh smelling holiday tree from a north Georgia farm would need to wait a year or so. Instead, we opted to do a small, but still real, tree in our little alcove above the fireplace. It’s the perfect little spot for this cutie little holiday shrine. We didn’t decorate as much this year, but we still managed to spread some holiday cheer around the home to put us in the holiday spirit.

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