Things I love and things you might love

Things I love that you may not understand

-blogging, reading blogs, and stalking people on facebook

driving fast, walking fast and passing slow people

-watching Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel

-working out

-cloth Diapering, making cloth wipes and line drying

-making spreadsheets of personal tasks, schedules, and budget goals

-eating enough chocolate to make me sick while washing it down with a big glass of water

-driving bare footed everywhere I go

-fresh vegetables

-hiring cleaners, even though I’m a stay at home Mom


-cracking my knuckles

-blasting Sublime while singing all the lyrics in my car (when alone, of course)

eating all organic


using and obsessing over a cute stationary

-watching 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom

-taking a pictures of my son every day and sometimes every hour

-dressing like a sophisticated granola hippie

-Eminim and M&M…the musician and the candy

-Word Abacus

-Gossip Girl and my Chase Crawford crush

-hot weather

-doing things fast (I call it efficiency, my husband calls it inpatients)

Things that you might love that I think are stupid


-country Music (Yes, that includes Taylor Swift)


-Myspace and those glittery comment graphics

-hot pink fake acrylic nails

-crib bumpers

-scary movies and ghost shows

-shaving (although I still do this…it’s still stupid)

-profile pictures taken from mirror angles


-sending facebook friend invites to people you have barely said a word to

-boots with fur on the top

-80’s neon Lycra spandex


-cold weather

-american cars

-George Bush

-Churchy people who yell bible verses with a mega phone in the city (do they really think that saves people?)

-oversized eating utensils (the larger than mouth soup spoon)

-steak, burgers…beef= gross

-cooking that takes all evening

-the security procedures at the airport

-slow drivers

-angry Bird game on iphone/ipad

-eating fast food (with the exception of Chik-fil-A)

-partying all night, getting drunk, posting your pics on social networks or blogs…and your clearly not in college

-bumper stickers

-overpriced small townhomes with no backyard

So, what do you love that others might not understand?

My six month bump

It’s official, I’m six months pregnant.  This pregnancy is moving along too stinkin’ fast!  I’m trying my best to enjoy it while I can.  Here are a few things I’d like to say to my little BIG six month bump.

-You already have sibling rivalry.  When older bro Parker is on my lap playing patty-cake, you kick me as if to say…”Mama, it’s my turn, my turn!”

-You are a night owl AND a morning riser.  I feel you kick the most first thing in the morning.  Probably to let me know that I should empty that bladder of mine to give you some extra room OR ELSE.  Before bedtime when Daddy and I snuggle up to watch some late night TV in bed, we feel you moving around in there practicing your kicks and spins.  We both enjoy feeling you move around and wondering what you’re up to.

-At your 2o week viewing (ultrasound) we found out that you were going to be a boy.  We were thrilled and excited that Parker would have a buddy to play with.  I just know you two will be the best of friends.  The boy name we picked out for you is Mason.  We thought it was pretty hip, but also thought it sounded very masculine, timeless and strong.  Your middle name will be Ashby after my side of the family, which I’m very proud to be apart of.

-You’ve been getting a lot of bouncing around and movement because Mommy has been working out a lot while you are bundled up inside my belly.  Being pregnant with you has been different from Parker because it hits all the major fattening holidays… Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  While I love the excuse to “pig out” , I don’t want you to get too big and be mad at me come delivery day.  Because of that, I’ve been trying to make sure I’m making it up with lots of time in the gym on the elliptical.  Your older bro loves the play area there, which I’m sure you’ll grow to love after your born.

-We’ve been slowly working on getting your nursery ready for your arrival.  Most boys love cars, planes, scooters, and anything that moves, so we decided to incorporate that into your nursery “theme”.  Good thing your Mama is an interior designer, because that and my good friend Etsy, you’re going to have the best looking nursery in town.

-We wonder what you will look like and what your personality will be.  Will you look like your older brother Parker?  He’s pretty cute, so if you do, we won’t mind.  We wonder how much you’ll weigh, if you’ll be tall, what your eye color will be and wether you’ll have a lot or just a little hair at first.  One thing is for sure, I can’t wait to hold you in my arms, kiss your head and say Happy Birthday to you in March.  I’ve already started to bond with you, even though I haven’t seen your sweet face.

20 Things I’ve been thinking, but haven’t said

  1. Why does Bruno Mars’s song Just The Way You Are always make me think he’s saying “…when she asks me do I like cocaine, I say” Come to find out its ” does she look okay, I say…
  2. No, it’s not my pregnancy hormones.  I legitimately think you’re a numskull
  3. Why is it that when I’m playing Abacus on the iPad with my husband, I’m the one that comes up with all the dirty words?
  4. Seriously Parker?  and I’m having another one of you?  I must be crazy.
  5. Why is it that when I go out to lunch with people they ask me if I want the booth side with raised eyebrows like I may not fit?
  6. I’m tired of calling you.  Why don’t you pick up the phone and call me for once?
  7. I can’t believe there are still POST THIS IF YOU REALLY LOVE JESUS status updates on Facebook.  Do they really think that is necessary?  I guess they do. *Hide*
  8. …and why can’t I drink my worries away?  Oh yeah, I’m pregnant.  Dang it!
  9. Do I really have to wait until the tooth brush does a double spin to stop brushing?  This is boring.
  10. Just because I’m in a grocery store and my boy flashes a smile, doesn’t give you free rein to touch him, Mr. Shelf Stocker.
  11. I can’t wait to hold baby Mason in my arms
  12. Toy kitchen sets aren’t girlie.  Who said women are the only ones that are supposed to be in the kitchen?  Sexist.
  13. Wow, does the scale really say that?  Maybe I should lay off the chocolate and add an extra gym day to the week before my baby reaches a 10 pounder.
  14. Why is it that Parker is a cool calm kid at the dinner table at home, but out in public restaurants, acts a fool?
  15. I wonder if I wear this to my high school reunion, it’ll clearly say “I’m pregnant, not just fat”.
  16. Is the heart rate detector on this elliptical really accurate?  Because if it is, I’m WAY over my limit.
  17. What the heck is the difference between a Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller and a Graco Duo Stroller…besides $100.?
  18. Will Parker’s cough ever go away? Ugh, poor kid!
  19. I’m so thankful that I get to stay home with my little munchkin every day instead of going to a job that I dread.
  20. Am I ever going to finish this nursery?  Because every single weekend in December I have something going on.  I need to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I’m not seeing it yet….and Christmas shopping?  Where do I start?

When life gives you a lemon, you…Ahhhhhh!

So, let me set the stage by saying that Parker got over a cold a few weeks ago, which left him with this lovely chapped area above his lip.  Last night while trying to keep him occupied during dinner, I gave him one of my lemons…which he didn’t mind at first, but then it occurred to me that the citric acid probably wasn’t the best thing for his sensitive nose and chapped lip.  So, what does Parker do?  He does what he always does.  He puts on a show.

Pottery for Mason

Last Friday night, Dan and I had a great date night at  All Fired Up.  We wanted to paint ceramic pieces for baby Mason, which is the same as what we did for Parker.  Look at how much fun we had!

Dan did a blue piggie bank for Parker, and so he’s doing a brown piggie bank for Mason.  Slightly different designs on it, but he wanted to give them the same aspirations to “save” money!

I decided to paint a picture frame, which is also what I did for Parker. I don’t know exactly what will be in Mason’s room, but I do want to do a “transportation” theme of some sort.  So I painted two cars on the  frame to hopefully go with the overall “theme” of the room.  Here are the creations pre and post glazing.



They are certainly not perfect, but they of course were made with love.