I’m not sure if the pressure to be perfect comes from society or my own internal pressures not to fail, but while fully enthralled in pregnancy hormones,  it’s hard not to get over-emotional about my imperfections and feel overwhelmed on how I can balance trying to succeed in all areas of my life without in turn muttering something’s gotta give

Although I know I’ll never be perfect in every area of my life, for some reason there still no desire to ever stop trying to be.  Is that a bad thing?



REALITY: I eat too much and I don’t exercise enough.  It’s that simple.  Not hard science.

GOAL: To eat healthy… meaning, plenty of the good fruits and veggies my body needs, and less of the carbs and junk food that makes me feel like crap.  To exercise every day even if its just a walk around the neighborhood and to take vitamins and keep up with annual dr visits.



REALITY: I work occasionally for my previous employer, but haven’t had a real desire to go back to work full time because of my lack of professional accreditations.

GOAL: Decide on what professional accreditation I’d like to pursue, and take the time to study and pass the exam.



REALITY: I have a big desire to use less, recycle more and reduce waste.  However, often times I’m looking for the more convenient thing to do instead of the right thing to do.

GOAL: To use less paper products, water and electricity.  To focus more on efficiency instead of convenience.



REALITY: We have very minimal debt, but we could always do better to save more and spend less

GOAL: To get rid of the mentality that if I want something, and the bank account is low, then I’ll just slap in on the credit card and pay for it out of savings later.



REALITY: I don’t pray enough until something bad or wrong happens.  I’m selfish and I use my free time for me instead of prayer and meditation.  I don’t take the time to read scripture like I should unless I’m preparing for a bible study.

GOAL: I would love to have that intimate connection with my creator and move from a “sometimes believer” to a living example of his grace and love. He doesn’t stop believing in me, so why do I act like I’ve stopped believing in him? I want to feel connected enough to know where he is leading me in the  journey through life, and I want to praise him more and more wholeheartedly, like the amazing God that he is.



REALITY: I have a fantastic son, but I’m not always a fantastic Mom.

GOAL: I have to learn to be clear about the things that are important, but then let the small things go.



REALITY: I sometimes selfishly wait for people to reach out to me before reaching out to them

GOAL: To enrich the close friendships that I have, be there for them when they need me and make some new friendships along the way



REALITY: I tend to over-analyze the efforts of what each of us put in, and somewhat critical and bossy over how things should be done

GOAL: To focus on being loving and supportive and do things to build on the marriage instead of focusing on being “right” all the time.



REALITY: Cooking isn’t my favorite thing to do, but when I do cook, I expect heaps of praise and admiration.  Aside from making the bed and laundry, I usually only clean when Dan is on his way home from a business trip or the maids are on their way to our house.

GOAL: To make delicious meals I’m proud of, and that me and the family enjoys eating. To have self discipline to keep the house tidy each day and not just right before expecting company.

2 thoughts on “Perfection

  1. I understand all too well on what a devil that word can be 🙂

    “Aim at perfection in everything, though in most things it is unattainable. However, they who aim at it, and persevere, will come much nearer to it than those whose laziness and despondency make them give it up as unattainable.”
    -Lord Chesterfield


  2. Your spiritual goals hit home with me. I’m in the same place. I make time for everything else then fit God in when I can. I’m on a mission to change it as well. 🙂


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