Let the nursery designing begin!

This weekend after our vacation, we went scouting for the perfect nursery furniture for baby Mason.  We bought Parker’s furniture at Ga Baby and Kids, and since they have such a great selection, we decided to go there again.  We were drawn to the clean lines of  Capretti, which is the same company that we got Parker’s furniture from.  It’s a great company, and we’ve been very pleased with Parker’s furniture (with the auto-closing drawers) so it only made since to use them again.  We were really only there to look, but the sales person gave us an incredible deal with over 25% off the showroom price, and this time we didn’t have to buy the floor model to get the discount (like we did Parker’s).  So, this is what we’ve decided on.  Nothing too fancy… but I think it’ll be a great for baby Mason.

The best part is, that we got it in the same exact finish as Parker’s furniture…so if we have to move some pieces around between rooms once the cribs become full size beds, we don’t have to worry about them matching.  In case you don’t remember what Parker’s furniture looks like, here it is pictured below:

We had thought about going with a cheaper quality crib that wasn’t convertible in case we decide to have them share a room later, but we decided that it was best that they have their own furniture right now.  If it comes to a bunk bed situation later, then we can revisit that then.

We also decided on the rug for the room.  It was a reasonably priced wool rug from The Land of Nod, which is Crate&Barrel’s kids line.  I know it’s a little busy, but it’ll be all the color for the room.  The walls and curtains will be muted. I’m in love with it.

We also wanted to use a No VOC paint for the room, and we love the company The Freshaire Choice which is what we used for Parker’s nursery.  This time we’re looking to do the room in a soft brown to pick up the background of the rug.  “Pinecone Hill” to be exact.  I still have a few others that I’m contemplating, but for now, that’s my top choice.

I also found these wall decals on Etsy.  What do you think?  It’s for the scooter, car, hot air balloon and helicopter. I think they’re pretty freakin’ cute.  I think they would look great in Mason’s room, all in a dark brown color above the crib,…perhaps.

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