Ashevilivin’ it up

This is our second trip to Asheville and this time it was much different.  Now that we are officially traveling with a toddler…this makes for interesting vacations. It’s certainly not a vacation in the traditional sense (spa treatments, adventure excursions, shopping, eating at nice restaurants) but it is a nice change of scenery and a chance to grow a little closer to the ones you love and create lasting memories.
We left on Saturday morning after Parker’s morning nap. He got up at noon and we headed out for a quick meal at Chick-fil-A, (only the best fast food restaurant on the planet) before we started our journey and then off we went. We stopped off at a place about halfway to Asheville called Tallulah Point Overlook and they had a cute little shop where we got some local strawberry apple cider.  It had a nice view and it was a great opportunity to stretch our legs.

Our cabin was awesome.  It was only five minutes from downtown, but it still managed to be completely secluded in a wooded area not too far from the Grove Park Inn.  It was a small little cabin with two bedrooms, a cozy living room with a gas fireplace and an enormous bay window, and it also had a nice size kitchen equipped with everything you would need to make yourself a nice homemade meal.  The back patio had beautiful views as well as a nice little patio furniture set-up and a wonderful jacuzzi.

The next morning we decided to head over to the Grove Park Inn to partake in their incredible Sunday brunch.  The food was quite tasty and the view we had was amazing.  The entrance was outfitted with only the best in Fall decor.

After the delicious brunch, we decided to head over to the WNC farmer’s market and grocery store to pick up food for the week.   The farmer’s was just okay, but we did find our most favorite grocery store ever.  Have you heard of Earth Fare?  It’s similar to Whole Foods, but smaller and… just overall better.  They have only the best in foods and pastries that reminded me of a market in Europe or something.  We loved it so much that we made several trips there during the duration of our trip. They also had “hippie” artisans strumming their guitars and selling the latest in organic cotton fashions in front of the store as you walked in….and it’s a grocery store PEOPLE! My kind of place for sure! You know, because I’m such the granola wanna-be and all…

The cabin was so cozy that we enjoyed spending time there whether it was outside grilling out and enjoying the jacuzzi, or inside cooking and lying by the fire.  Parker enjoyed exploring this cute little cabin too.  Since Dan is gone so much during the week, it was really nice to spend some quality time with him that didn’t involve tackling all the chores that he missed out on while he was away on business.

Parker has really turned into a Daddy’s boy though.  Kind-of makes me sad.  He was spoiled with all the daddy attention he wanted during this trip too, and was enjoying it thoroughly.  Even today as I type this, three days after our trip has ended. Dan is back to traveling, and I’m left with Paker, who thinks its cute to yell out the window “DADA!” to people walking down the street of our subdivision,… As if to say “Dada, please come rescue me… you left me with MAMA again!!…Help!”  He’s got it rough.

Okay, but back to the story of our trip… One of the places we visited that we really enjoyed was the WNC Nature Center.  Parker loved all the animals and enjoyed the picnic we had beforehand.

Since Parker isn’t a fan of staying in a stroller or carseat for too long we also made sure that we included plenty of time for him to crawl around and play.  We visited the Health Adventure in downtown Asheville Science center, and he had a blast.

We devoted a few days to attending some local parks and shopping around the Biltmore shops.  There are quite a few beautiful parks in Asheville that have plenty for even little toddlers to do.  The weather was absolutely perfect in the high 60’s low 70’s each day.

On our last day we went to the local Arboredum and it was beautiful.  It totally made up for the fact that we didn’t make it into the Biltmore gardens.  Did you know that they charge $60. per person just to get on the estate grounds!?  That MAY be worth it if you haven’t been there before (and we have) and of course, didn’t have kids and you planned on spending the entire day there touring the gardens, estate and boozing it up at the wine tasting, but not if you have a one year old and just want to stroll through the gardens and maybe have a picnic.  I’m convinced that the Arboredum was even prettier than the Biltmore gardens anyway.

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