Oh Boy!

We’re excited that we’ll be having another boy! We got the news today during my mid-pregnancy ultrasound. They also checked all the vital organs and measured the bones to ensure that they were growing properly. Everything looked great!  The only thing that they’re going to keep an eye on is the location of my placenta.  My uterus is pretty low right now, and the placenta is low, but this could change and shift away from my cervix as I grow.  They’re going to check it at 30 weeks via ultrasound to see if it has shifted.  If the placenta is blocking the cervix (called placenta previa) then unfortunately I’ll need a c-section.  Let’s pray that this isn’t the case!
So….Holy cow…I’m going to be a Mom of two boys! I don’t know if I’ll need a padded room for myself or them.  (just kidding!) Parker and Mason. I’m loving the sound of it. They’re going to be best buds. I’m sure of it!
Now I can officially start the planning for the nursery! I’m trying to gather some inspirations for the room from magazines and different things I see on the internet. We decided on this artwork from Maple Shade Kids for Parker’s nursery, and after revisiting it, I think we may use them again.  I just found some new artwork on a peg board that I love.  I think this will be my new inspiration piece! The best part is, the lady is wonderful to work with and will do as many custom pieces as I want.  I love when I find cute creative things and I get to put my design skills to work. Yay!

I’m sure some of you are wondering… “Is she upset because she’s not having a GIRL?” If we’re keeping it real… then I would have to say this: I know that God only gives me things that I can handle. Let’s be honest, what woman doesn’t want a little girl to dress up with, do fun crafts with, get mani/pedi’s with and attend ballet recitals with..am I right? It’s like a mini self version that you can relive your childhood with. However, I have faith that God knows what’s best for our life and our family, and I will in no way love this little baby any less just because I already have a little boy. He will be different from Parker with his own personality and we will learn and grow with him too, as we have with Parker. We will find out later what God has in store for us in a way of increasing the number to of children three, but if two ends up being it, then I will be thrilled that God has blessed us with a two healthy boys!

6 thoughts on “Oh Boy!

  1. Having two boys so close together will be great for them. They will have a built in playmate, a buddy, someone to go to school with… My nephews are two of the most different children, but are inseparable. You’re going to have so much fun with them in the coming years (you can even dress them alike before they figure out what you’re up to) 😉


  2. Shoot, I forgot to comment on this one! I totally read it though, and mean to say YAY!! You know what’s awesome about this? Your two little guys will be so close, like little best buds! And I love the name Mason, Avalon has a friend -Mason- down the street! Isn’t is crazy how the chinese gender predictor was RIGHT?!


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