From Wedding Planning to Birthday Planning

Its amazing that while planning my sons’ first birthday, I started having flashbacks about planning our wedding.

1. As soon as the initial invite list is created, undoubtedly… the family drama ensues.

2. You gather inspirations and come up with your “colors”.

3. You pick a location that your happy with, and pray, pray, pray for a beautiful day.

4. Among the built up anticipation you start to worry if you’ll forget something

5. Decide that the cake/cupcakes should be from Publix… who makes the absolute best

6. Hire a photographer to capture the precious moments so you can enjoy them

7. You realize that “RSVP’s” or “Regrets Only” don’t mean much to some people

8.  When the day has come, the anxiety and excitement for everything to go “just right” turns you into a mental case (think BRIDEZILLA-MOMZILLA)

9. You get fed cake…either by your husband or cute little one year old.

10.  You realize that all the planning went into a special day, and it went by so fast.  The most important thing was that we had a great time… that we did.

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