Charleston and my Bestie

What a fabulous time I had in Charleston last weekend!  It felt really weird not having my sweet little almost one year old by my side.  We had only spent time apart briefly for date nights, salon or spa trips, and girl’s nights.  This was different.  I would have to spend an ENTIRE night without being down the hall from him.  Yikes!  I knew this day would come, and during some moments I felt like it wasn’t soon enough, but it ended up being perfect timing.

It was kind of nice to be alone for a while…I mean, without my little fam.  I started to wonder if I knew how to board a plane, and pack a suitcase with the proper sized toiletries, and get to the airport on time…all things my husband would always be on top of and things that he was an expert on.  But alas, I found my “big girl” shoes and put them on long enough to make the trip there and back in one piece.  I mean, I did live by myself for several years before I got married and had a kid, but somehow you begin to wonder how you lived that way…when you have such an amazingly different life now and your focus is shifted from “self” to “Holy cow, I have a family now and I’m going on a trip BY MY SELF”  That’s what makes this girl’s trip to visit my BFF since sixth grade, all the more special.

The one thing I love about my best gal pal Jess, is that she’s super chill.  Something that I’m NOT.  She’s never on

Jess and I, cira 2000

facebook, probably has never read my blog, wakes up late most days, doesn’t jam pack her social calendar and probably prefers to spend a weekend at the beach with her surfer fiance wearing her oversized farmer type hat sipping on her skinny latte and reading some fascinating intellectual book on how to preserve an ancient culture’s history or architecture…or something like that.  I love that about her.   And I also love that when I’m around her, she rubs off her good “chill” vibes on me and suddenly, it doesn’t bother me that we’re eating a delicious home made shrimp and grits dinner at close to 9:30 at night.  It’s all about living each day to it’s fullest and not about living by a orderly schedule.  She’s still in school, and works, and has an internship, so I’m sure she go by some schedule, but her personality is such that she doesn’t let it run her life.  I think that’s why we get along so great and that’s why I was so excited to spend a really relaxing weekend with her.  I knew that it would consist of sleeping-in, late dinners and doing exactly what we pleased.

So, what did we do? Here are some things in no paticular order

-Had delicious dinner at Vickery’s waterfront to welcome my arrival.  Jess and Chad purposefully taunting me with their cold beers

-Strolled through the market downtown where they had beautifully crafted jewelry, unique artwork, soaps, and fresh fruit and vegetables

-Shopped at some awesome stores, including the two-story Urban Outfitters, and one of my favs Franchescas…just to name a few

-Had the most amazing chocolate milkshake, even though the clueless college student who happened to be our waiter had to re-take our order 15 minutes after the first order because “the cook lost it”

-We decided it would be nice to take a yoga class that Jess had been wanting to try.  Let’s just say my ENTIRE body ached for four days straight. That lady was freegin HARD CORE, and I was dripping sweat about10 mins into the session.   She also was trying to tell us about some “teachings” that included how inhumane it is to squash a bug… and how you CAN discipline yourself NOT to eat cheese.  Woah, let’s not get all crazy now…I just want to stretch my body and clear my mind.  Don’t try and make me feel guilty for eating cheese lady.

-Spent the day in Folley beach watching Jess’ fiance Chad and his friend surf some waves.  There were moments of great girl talk, and there were moments of pure silence with just the background reggae music playing …I LOVED them both.

-Had a delicious shrimp and grits meal at home where I learned “how to de-scale and de-vain a shrimp-101”

-I had THE most incredible  massage ever at The Spa at Charleston even though the interior of the place looked like something Dorothy Draper designed.  It was such an afterthought…our feet hurt from shopping all day and so I typed in “Spa Charleston” in my iphone, and this was the first place that popped up.  They were able to squeeze in both me and Jess an hour later.  It was such a relaxing massage that included using steaming hot towels on my legs and feet…YES!

-Watched Jess try on her very first wedding dress

-Took exactly one picture the entire time on my trip…which is totally out of character for me, because usually I’m that dork who is annoyingly snapping a gazillion pictures and posting them on various social sites.

-Enjoyed great food and silly conversation at a home-style restaurant in Sullivan’s Island…appropriately called “Sullivans”

-Had many a video conferences with my sweet little angel baby and amazing husband (who washed cloth diapers AND made some cloth wipes…among MANY other things in my absence) on my iphone 4…what did I ever do without it?

It was a fantastic trip, and I can’t wait to see them again in a few months when we go up to NC to attend my 10 year reunion…which will be held in a BAR I might add (a nice, fun bar on river street, but still)…and I’ll be 6 months pregnant.  CLASSY!  Nah, I wouldn’t expect it to be anything different and I’m actually looking forward to it!

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