So, we know the gender…we think

Have you guys ever heard of the novelty test called the “Gender Pridictor Test” by a company called Intelligender?  Well, if not, let me introduce you to it.  You can read about it in detail on their website: and there are quite a few impressive videos on there from reputable shows such as The Doctors and Dr. Sonja Gupta and Robin Mead on HLN (CNN) that are quite interesting to watch.

We were able to purchase a test at our local pharmacy for $29.99 and thought, what the heck, this will be fun…we should give it a try!  So, at the recommended start of 1o weeks, we decided to read the instructions and give this test a try the next morning.  It recommended the first morning’s urine, but I woke up at about 2am (is that considered “first morning’s urine”?) and Dan and I rubbed the sleep out of our eye to see what we could see.  And…this is what we saw…

You may have guessed, the green color means boy, and the orange color means girl.  According to this, it looks like we’ll be blessed with another boy!  I will not be sad at all if its another boy.  I really love my little boy that I already have, and I can totally wear the “soccer Mom” title.  Parker can show him the ropes, and they can stay up all night chatting away in their bunk beds about their latest fort that they created in the neighborhood tree save area. Boys…gotta love ’em!  I will continue to be the lady of the house!

You may be wondering about the accuracy rate.  I don’t know for sure, but I’ve read that the result average is about 80% accurate for at home test if the it is performed exactly by what the instructions say and the results are about 90% in lab results.  So, we’ll see for sure when I have my ultrasound at 20 weeks!   As cliche as it sounds it’s really true that either way, I’ll be really excited just to have a healthy baby, no matter what the gender.

UPDATE: For those curious about the results; This test was correct.  We are having another boy!

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