Subtle hints that you may be pregnant…AGAIN

1.   If you are breastfeeding your baby, you notice a dramatic dip in your milk supply causing your baby to have the sudden urge to use the bite reflex instead of the suck

2.  You think it’s really awesome to eat olives straight from the jar and when your husband gives you a weird look you look back and simply say “What?”

3.  You chart your ovulation, do the deed on the proper days, and then realize the next month that Aunt Flow hasn’t reared its ugly head

4.  The smell of PF Changs, the mall food court, and dumping a poopy cloth diaper in the toilet is enough to make you loose your lunch

5.  You’ve cried uncontrollably, laughed hysterically and had a fit of rage all in the same 24hr period

6.  You feel as if you haven’t slept all day, every day, and every chance you get, you try to sneak in a nap and tell yourself that the dishes,  laundry…can wait

7.  You’ve already joined the would be birth club on  to see what other Mom’s are saying and to make sure you’re just as crazy as they are

8.  You ask your husband if you look pregnant, and the pause is a little too long

9. You take a pregnancy test and see those all familiar double solid lines

10.  In a burst of excitement you share the news with your nine month old and you capture his response for a beautiful memory before he decides to use it as a teether

So, I guess the jig is up.We are excited to announce that we are expecting again!  Parker will have a little baby brother or sister around March 7, 2011.  Parker will be 18 months old!  I know… Dan just couldn’t keep his hands off me.

5 thoughts on “Subtle hints that you may be pregnant…AGAIN

  1. AGHGHGHHG!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG! Wow, good for you, that’s so exciting! So…wait, was this planned? I need details! Congratulations 🙂


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