Live, Laugh, Love… A Short Story

I love…silly posts full of random nonsense that allows you to understand a little more about a blogger
I crave…a clean house and lots of naps (for me & Parker…I know, I’m craving laziness)
I don’t understand…what the big deal is over “Lost”, “Jersey Shore” and “Dancing with the Stars”
I laugh out loud at…the way Parker always feels the need to blow fart sounds on me
I strive…to be the best Mom, wife, friend and family member I can be.
I hate…the fact that my house never seems totally clean, and I always feel tired
I am proud of…making it through the day
I am not looking forward to…having to discipline and be firm
I want…a healthy balance of work and play
I love to listen to…an array of acoustic beach music and dance with my little ‘punkin
I cringe at…thoughts of something happening to my family
I am insecure when…speaking in large groups
I think the world of…Moms who can balance it all, and never let it wear on them
I am beginning to think…being a Mom will be the hardest job I’ll ever have
I find beauty in…being in nature and feeling the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair
I really wish…the housing market wasn’t so bad
I think it’s difficult…when something bad happens that is out of your control
I think it’s adorable…to see how Parker interacts with other kids his age
I am looking forward to…seeing our family grow and seeing what the future holds
I get frustrated when…something doesn’t go according to “my plan”
I tend to underestimate…the power of prayer
I just melt inside when…my little Parker crawls over to me and gives me a hug
I am excited when…we get to go on vacation as a family
I learn a lot from…My little ten and a half month old.
I feel strong when…I can hold back the tears
I love the smell of…wood burning fireplaces in the winter
I tend to over analyze… comments people make about me
I usually discredit…any comment that involves the word “hate” and “Bachelorette” in the same sentence
I appreciate…the fact that I have a loving husband, the sweetest little boy and a God who has blessed us

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