So, we know the gender…we think

Have you guys ever heard of the novelty test called the “Gender Pridictor Test” by a company called Intelligender?  Well, if not, let me introduce you to it.  You can read about it in detail on their website: and there are quite a few impressive videos on there from reputable shows such as The Doctors and Dr. Sonja Gupta and Robin Mead on HLN (CNN) that are quite interesting to watch.

We were able to purchase a test at our local pharmacy for $29.99 and thought, what the heck, this will be fun…we should give it a try!  So, at the recommended start of 1o weeks, we decided to read the instructions and give this test a try the next morning.  It recommended the first morning’s urine, but I woke up at about 2am (is that considered “first morning’s urine”?) and Dan and I rubbed the sleep out of our eye to see what we could see.  And…this is what we saw…

You may have guessed, the green color means boy, and the orange color means girl.  According to this, it looks like we’ll be blessed with another boy!  I will not be sad at all if its another boy.  I really love my little boy that I already have, and I can totally wear the “soccer Mom” title.  Parker can show him the ropes, and they can stay up all night chatting away in their bunk beds about their latest fort that they created in the neighborhood tree save area. Boys…gotta love ’em!  I will continue to be the lady of the house!

You may be wondering about the accuracy rate.  I don’t know for sure, but I’ve read that the result average is about 80% accurate for at home test if the it is performed exactly by what the instructions say and the results are about 90% in lab results.  So, we’ll see for sure when I have my ultrasound at 20 weeks!   As cliche as it sounds it’s really true that either way, I’ll be really excited just to have a healthy baby, no matter what the gender.

UPDATE: For those curious about the results; This test was correct.  We are having another boy!

Subtle hints that you may be pregnant…AGAIN

1.   If you are breastfeeding your baby, you notice a dramatic dip in your milk supply causing your baby to have the sudden urge to use the bite reflex instead of the suck

2.  You think it’s really awesome to eat olives straight from the jar and when your husband gives you a weird look you look back and simply say “What?”

3.  You chart your ovulation, do the deed on the proper days, and then realize the next month that Aunt Flow hasn’t reared its ugly head

4.  The smell of PF Changs, the mall food court, and dumping a poopy cloth diaper in the toilet is enough to make you loose your lunch

5.  You’ve cried uncontrollably, laughed hysterically and had a fit of rage all in the same 24hr period

6.  You feel as if you haven’t slept all day, every day, and every chance you get, you try to sneak in a nap and tell yourself that the dishes,  laundry…can wait

7.  You’ve already joined the would be birth club on  to see what other Mom’s are saying and to make sure you’re just as crazy as they are

8.  You ask your husband if you look pregnant, and the pause is a little too long

9. You take a pregnancy test and see those all familiar double solid lines

10.  In a burst of excitement you share the news with your nine month old and you capture his response for a beautiful memory before he decides to use it as a teether

So, I guess the jig is up.We are excited to announce that we are expecting again!  Parker will have a little baby brother or sister around March 7, 2011.  Parker will be 18 months old!  I know… Dan just couldn’t keep his hands off me.

GNO & the morning after

Thursday night I had a great time hanging out with Melissa, Julie and Julie’s neighbor Myra.  We had a delicious dinner at Pure Taqueria where we got our mexican fix, and then it was off to see Sheryl Crow.   I really love the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.  It’s so close to home, it’s clean, new, easy to park…and the best part was, we paid for lawn seats and we ended up with REAL seats!  As we entered and had our tickets scanned, a uniformed employee approached us and asked us if we’d like to have real seats instead of lawn.  Yay!  Colbie Caillat opened for the pop star, and she was really good.  I have to admit that one of her popular songs is a little too bubbly for my taste, but she was much more chill live than she is on the radio.  Not bad for someone who got their start on myspace, of all places.  Sheryl put on a great show.  She had all of her classic hits that we all know and love, plus her bluesie new songs that definitely have a 70’s disco vibe.  There was one song that I really liked called Eye to Eye, that has a beach reggae beat to it (shocker right?).  So, that’ll be the next addition to my iTunes list for sure.  The crowd was a bit interesting.  I was the DD, so maybe I just noticed how funny the ladies were dancing because of my less than intoxicated mental state and I wasn’t tipsy enough to join in, but I’m pretty sure that fist pumping isn’t considered a formal Sheryl Crow fan dance move.  We had fun laughing at them for sure.  We didn’t see many men there, but I did smell the stench of cigar smell that permeated the air.  Well, that’s a different smell than the smoke I used to smell at the old concerts I would go to.  So, either I’m getting old, or I used to go to some crazy concerts back in the day…  I think, it’s a little of both.

The morning after I went to my favorite bi-annual consignment sale.  All 4 kids always has some incredibly reduced price merchandise.  With that in mind, I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and woke up bright and early after the late night out with the girls, slipped on my running shoes, packed my water, two hamper bags, and grabbed my purse and ran out the door barely looking presentable.  I got to Marietta (about a 40 minute drive) around 8:05, proud of how early I was since there were only two people in line, and proceeded to grab my stuff and head for the entrance.  Then I had a freak out session.  I looked through my purse to grab my wallet and it wasn’t there.  Cursing myself for all of the receipts, toys, baby shoes, and lip gloss I had scattered among my purse/diaper/life luggage/baggage bag I found a lonesome debit card.  Yes! Yes!!  I remembered that I took my debit card out of my wallet the night before because I considered not taking my purse into the concert, but decided to just take my purse…but in a rush, I didn’t put it back in my wallet.  Thank you Lord! So, I rushed up to the bank to withdraw some cash (in case they would ask for ID, which I didn’t have) and came back just in time for the sale at 8:15.  A little bummed because there were about 20 people ahead of me in line, but I was still able to score some awesome deals.  I got about 30 outfits for the fall in 12-18 month sizes, toys and books.  I love that I can buy someone else’s used toys and clothes that appear to be brand new for less than half the price.  It meets both my passions…recycling and thriftiness!

Bullets Before Bedtime

I know, I’ve been a slackaholic on blogging lately. Believe me, I have a good reason, and I will tell you all about it in a few weeks. Meanwhile, why don’t we start off the week with some bullets? I like bullets.

  • I’m officially diving into the last year of my twenties.  I’m not sad, …okay, maybe a little…but mostly I feel like an old “parent”.  I mean, I remember when my parents were in their thirties and I use to look up at them and think “they’re old, and I’m a young kid! Woohoo!” and now its time for ME to be the grown-up? So, I’m suppose to be serious and stop singing to the music in the car, splashing people in the face in the pool and popping the back of the knees of people that annoy me? (Okay, I don’t really do that last one, but it sounded fun).  No! I refuse to let go of my youth!
  • For my birthday Dan was such a sweetheart to endured the movie Eat, Pray, Love (based off the book with the same title) last Friday night.  If you haven’t heard of the book or movie, then you’ve probably been living under a rock somewhere.  When I read the book a few years back I really enjoyed it.  I thought it tapped into many interests of mine including travel, food, culture, and love.  However, the movie gave me a different perspective of the story of the lady who took a year sabbatical to “find herself”. Instead, it left me feeling like she was just running away from her problems and that she decided to leave her husband because of some hokie advice that a medicine man gave her.  In the book it seemed way different, and it’s been so long since I read it, but the movie just didn’t resonate with me the same.  Dan also took me to a delicious dinner at Cabernet prior to the movie.  It was so nice to get all dressed up for a fancy dinner.  Those are rare occasions in this house!  It was great food, and the night left me feeling super special, even if I am a year older.
  • We are SO looking forward to fall this year.  I know, I know, I’m a sucker for a new season.  I was all gung ho about summertime when it was winter but it has been SUCH a hot summer, and we’re about all picnic and swimming pool’d out.  I’m ready for beautiful fall leaves, cool breezes, pumpkin pie, and Halloween costumes!
  • In preparation for the fall season, we have booked our first vacation in a cabin.  We thought a cabin would work out well for us because we have Parker, and we could enjoy cooking meals at the house and having the homey feeling while still being on vacation.  We used the site and found this fabulous cabin in Asheville, NC.  We decided on this cabin because it is five minutes from the Grove Park Inn, and in fact was built by the same people.  It was important for us to be close to town so we can easily get to and from between Parker’s naps, but also be able to enjoy a place in the mountains.  This was the best of both worlds.  We love Asheville so much.  I love its young artistic vibe, its culture, the architecture, the wildlife and the fact that there is so much to do for the family.  In addition to going on nature walks and enjoying the mountain air, there are plenty of great restaurants, festivals, art shows, and nature reserves that we plan on enjoying.  I can hardly wait for October to get here!
  • Okay, I know it’s like standard protocol for every Mom to think that THEIR child is the cutest, smiliest, laughable, squeezable little thing ever, but seriously… where did this child of mine come from?  He’s SO incredibly happy and laughable and squeezable… you get the point… ALL THE TIME.  Okay, he does have his teething moments, I can admit.  But really, where does he get it from.  I’m certainly NOT all hunky dory all the time, but somewhere in the gene pool, there was a sweet person that loved to smile, laugh, blow fart rasberries and give great hugs.  It is not something that can be what else will explain it?  I hope that when he’s older, a teenager perhaps, that I remember how sweet of a baby he is.  I took him into the Verizon office to see my ol’ co-workers.  Parker was such a ham.  He has no idea what stranger anxiety is.  Everyone is a friend!  He loves showing of his teeth grinning and cheesing it up.  Of course, everyone thought he was as cute as can be!
  • A few weeks ago I went to visit my brother Joey and his girlfriend JoAnna and met my new little nephew Jakson.  He is such a sweet precious little boy!  I’m so excited to see their little boy grow up and eventually be a friend to Parker.  Congrats guys!
  • This Thursday, me and some girlfriends are going to see Sheryl Crow.  I’m really excited to see her live.  I haven’t listened to her music a lot lately, but I loved her music in college.  She’s got some catchy tunes that put me in a good mood, and make me want to sing aloud to anyone who will listen.  Maybe Thursday, I can refrain myself for my friends’ sake.
  • Parker’s first birthday party is next month! I can’t believe he’s almost one.  It’s insane. Complete craziness.  To think that my little baby boy is about to turn one makes me sad.  On to the crazy 1’s and the terrible 2’s.  I’m not ready for that yet!  I am however, looking forward to Parker communicating with me a little better in the coming year and us having more fun together after he drops a nap, giving us much more time to enjoy play dates with the “big kids”.
  • So, my next big weaning stage will be weaning from the bottle.  Since we started introducing bottles four times a day around ten months when we weaned from breastfeeding, the bottle weaning has been a little slower than maybe other babes his age.  This week we dropped one bottle leaving him with three a day and started introducing formula in a sippy cup.  Parker wasn’t too keen on the idea, but I’m hoping that he’ll start to warm up to it in the coming weeks.
  • I’m getting SO incredibly excited about my girl’s weekend coming up in only a few short weeks!  My BFF Jess who lives in Charleston is planning some fun things for us to do and I can’t wait.  This will be my first trip away from Parker since he was born and as difficult as it will be for me to be away from him, I know this is something that I will enjoy, and something that will be a great bonding experience for him and his daddy.  Jess and I have been talking about some things that we can do…everything from salsa lessons to sailing to yoga on the beach.  I’m stoked!
  • In our small group we’ve been using the participant’s guide and dvd and going through John and Stasi Eldredge’s small group marriage study entitled “Love and War”.  It has been a great eye opening study, and it really has convicted me about some things in my life that I should change and be more aware of.  I never thought marriage would be easy, but knowing that other new parents our age are going through similar struggles lets me know that we’re not alone and that issues can be worked through.  The dvd is pretty funny as it has other couples that tell their stories in a…let’s say “animated” way.  Honestly though, it’s a great study!  I feel so blessed to be able to learn from such a great group of parents and friends.

Live, Laugh, Love… A Short Story

I love…silly posts full of random nonsense that allows you to understand a little more about a blogger
I crave…a clean house and lots of naps (for me & Parker…I know, I’m craving laziness)
I don’t understand…what the big deal is over “Lost”, “Jersey Shore” and “Dancing with the Stars”
I laugh out loud at…the way Parker always feels the need to blow fart sounds on me
I strive…to be the best Mom, wife, friend and family member I can be.
I hate…the fact that my house never seems totally clean, and I always feel tired
I am proud of…making it through the day
I am not looking forward to…having to discipline and be firm
I want…a healthy balance of work and play
I love to listen to…an array of acoustic beach music and dance with my little ‘punkin
I cringe at…thoughts of something happening to my family
I am insecure when…speaking in large groups
I think the world of…Moms who can balance it all, and never let it wear on them
I am beginning to think…being a Mom will be the hardest job I’ll ever have
I find beauty in…being in nature and feeling the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair
I really wish…the housing market wasn’t so bad
I think it’s difficult…when something bad happens that is out of your control
I think it’s adorable…to see how Parker interacts with other kids his age
I am looking forward to…seeing our family grow and seeing what the future holds
I get frustrated when…something doesn’t go according to “my plan”
I tend to underestimate…the power of prayer
I just melt inside when…my little Parker crawls over to me and gives me a hug
I am excited when…we get to go on vacation as a family
I learn a lot from…My little ten and a half month old.
I feel strong when…I can hold back the tears
I love the smell of…wood burning fireplaces in the winter
I tend to over analyze… comments people make about me
I usually discredit…any comment that involves the word “hate” and “Bachelorette” in the same sentence
I appreciate…the fact that I have a loving husband, the sweetest little boy and a God who has blessed us