Bye-Bye Paci

I decided a few months ago when Dan told me that he would be out of town Tues-Fri for a sales meeting in Seattle, that I would take this week to wean Parker of his much LOVED, adored, idoled paci. Its easier to do when Dan is traveling because he works from home. I was anticipating naps to be a bit of a struggle during this period, and if he decided to wake up every fifteen minutes and cry, I would feel bad knowing that Dan was working downstairs.

Its been two days and two nights AND it surprisingly hasn’t been that bad! Let me preface by saying that we decided to wean Parker a few months ago of any non sleeping use of the paci. It was tough during car rides, stroller strolls, and restaurant outings, but we managed with snacks and the sippy cup to help distract him.

Tuesday night is when we started.  It took him an extra 15-20mins to fall asleep that night, but once he was asleep…he didn’t wake up.  Not until 6:45am, but then five mins later he was back to dreamland until about 7:30ish (which is totally do-able for night number 1 of paci weaning!).  I was shocked to be honest.  I was anticipating him waking every hour or so crying for his paci, but he didn’t!  The naps have been a little bit more difficult.  It has taken an extra 10-15 mins to fall asleep, and then he’s awake in about 45 mins, but then falls asleep for another 15-30 mins.  So, sadly his naps have gotten shorter as a result.  BUT overall, I’m glad that I’ve done this.  Parker turned 10 months yesterday, and he’s NOT a baby anymore.  The paci was more of a habit than an actual need.  I’ve also read that extended paci use can exacerbate any problems with developing speech.  With 12 months being right around the corner, and the fact that they hit a major speech development at 12 months, was enough to encourage me to help Parker break the addiction.  Not to mention that the longer we wait, the harder it will be to break the habit.  So, I’m happy to announce that Parker is officially a paci free baby and one step closer to being a “big boy”! *sniff, sniff*

One thought on “Bye-Bye Paci

  1. Yay Parker! That’s a great accomplishment, and I’m glad it wasn’t as horrible as you had expected! Hope he continues to do well without it 🙂 Honestly, lately – since Avalon has been fighting her afternoon nap – there has been a time or two that I totally regressed and out of pure frenzy and frustration reached for the paci thinking that maybe it would help her sleep! Then I quickly came back to my senses and threw the paci out of the room 🙂 They’re much better without it anyway! So yeah, stay strong!


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