iphone 4 vid

There are two things I love.  My new iphone 4’s HD video capability and my sweet little bundle of love Parker.

Here’s iphone 4, doin’ its thang, and my little boy, being cute as can be.

Go Girl

Dan and I were walking through the mall the other night on one of our date nights and stopped in Mori Luggage to look around and just LOOK what we came across!

Exactly what I was looking for! Something I can use to pee like a Man! Woohoo! Are you kidding me?! What the #*$(^!!

Sprayground Fun!

Today we had a blast.  We went to the Sprayground at Riverside Park in Roswell and Parker had the time of his life.  He absolutely LOVED the water spouts, army crawling through water tunnels and splashing with his good ol’ pal Campen.  For a dollar per person, where can you buy more summer fun?  This place is definitely a winner in my book.

Bye-Bye Paci

I decided a few months ago when Dan told me that he would be out of town Tues-Fri for a sales meeting in Seattle, that I would take this week to wean Parker of his much LOVED, adored, idoled paci. Its easier to do when Dan is traveling because he works from home. I was anticipating naps to be a bit of a struggle during this period, and if he decided to wake up every fifteen minutes and cry, I would feel bad knowing that Dan was working downstairs.

Its been two days and two nights AND it surprisingly hasn’t been that bad! Let me preface by saying that we decided to wean Parker a few months ago of any non sleeping use of the paci. It was tough during car rides, stroller strolls, and restaurant outings, but we managed with snacks and the sippy cup to help distract him.

Tuesday night is when we started.  It took him an extra 15-20mins to fall asleep that night, but once he was asleep…he didn’t wake up.  Not until 6:45am, but then five mins later he was back to dreamland until about 7:30ish (which is totally do-able for night number 1 of paci weaning!).  I was shocked to be honest.  I was anticipating him waking every hour or so crying for his paci, but he didn’t!  The naps have been a little bit more difficult.  It has taken an extra 10-15 mins to fall asleep, and then he’s awake in about 45 mins, but then falls asleep for another 15-30 mins.  So, sadly his naps have gotten shorter as a result.  BUT overall, I’m glad that I’ve done this.  Parker turned 10 months yesterday, and he’s NOT a baby anymore.  The paci was more of a habit than an actual need.  I’ve also read that extended paci use can exacerbate any problems with developing speech.  With 12 months being right around the corner, and the fact that they hit a major speech development at 12 months, was enough to encourage me to help Parker break the addiction.  Not to mention that the longer we wait, the harder it will be to break the habit.  So, I’m happy to announce that Parker is officially a paci free baby and one step closer to being a “big boy”! *sniff, sniff*

Breast Pump RIP

I’m going to apologize in advance to all my male readers for my excessive boobage talk. I can’t help it though. I need to vent. I just laid my precious breast pump to sleep yesterday. We part ways. We had a love/hate relationship...that we did.

It all started right after Parker was born.  I needed to use the pump, but had a hard time starting the relationship.  I blame it on the slew of postpartum hormones and my need for everything to “go perfect” with the whole breastfeeding experience.  I had picked up the pump a few times and just cried.  Perplexed on  “how am I suppose to use this thing and think of my baby. THAT IS SO UN-NATURAL!”  Fortunately, I got a hold of myself and later realized how liberating pumping would be.  I could leave Dan with a bottle so I could hang with some friends, perhaps get a pedicure or a massage or even get my highlights touched up.  Then we became BFF’s

That was until Parker became a curious jumping bean around 8 months or so where during the day, he wasn’t as interested drinking.  He’d MUCH rather be on the floor, wiggling around with his army crawl, and that’s when I realized that I needed to pump more so he could get the fluids that he needed.  Jump over to a month later, and he didn’t want to nurse at all.  SO… Yes…I had to pump ALL the time.  My supply wasn’t that of a normal breastfeeding Mom who could slow the sessions down to 3-4 a day, and still get adequate milk, No…no, no.  I had to do a minimum of 6 sessions just to get 25oz, which is at the lower end of what is recommended at his age.  That is when I started to HATE my pump.

So, today… I celebrate.  Me and Medela go way back, but we’re taking a MUCH needed break.  I start to think of all of the things I can do now that we’ve broken up, and it makes me ecstatic.

I can remove all of the “reminders” off my outlook calendar to pump

I can spend time cleaning the house OR taking a nap instead of pumping or washing pump pieces

I can wear a REAL bra!

I can go to a girls night out without asking “will there be somewhere I can pump?”

I can work without visiting the mother’s room

I run, and my boobs won’t hurt

I can eat and drink whatever the heck I want (or at least in theory)

I can go on an extended girl’s trip without Parker (Labor day wkend, here I come!)

I can go on a family vaca without being embarrassed by onlookers staring at me pumping in my car…Yikes!

I can have ANY extended time away (if need be) without fear that my boobs will explode

I can sleep in and roll over and whisper “it’s your turn” on a Saturday morning at the first sounds of Parker babbling in his crib.

It’s SO liberating.  I haven’t felt this free since I discovered organic pizza.  Let my NEW life begin!

Let me give you the Run Down

Every other day or so, I think…I should blog. Then I go on doing what I’ve been doing and don’t get around to it.  Yep, story of my life.  So, instead of a one topic post… how ’bout a run down of what’s been goin’ on?

1. I saw the ever anticipated, teen obsessed, Stephanie Meyer flick Eclipse last weekend.  No, I wasn’t with all the teens sporting the heavy eyeliner and I heart Twilight T-shirt at the 12:01am showing.  I actually refrained myself since…you know…I’m a MOM and I have to show some semblance of restraint since I’m almost (but not quite) old enough to be Edward’s Mom.  I know that didn’t hold back some of you…and that’s okay.  I don’t judge.  I LOVED the movie.  Unfortunately, I can’t compare it to the book since I only got through the first two chapters of Eclipse.  I read the first two books in its entirety, but then I got pregnant, and all of my books consisted of how to prepare for delivery, baby, and the end of life as I knew it.  I’m still team Edward…Oh yeeeeah!  That’s right.  No team J here.  She belongs with Eddie (can I call him that?).  He’s untouchable.  Being with Jacob would be easy, and Bella wouldn’t have to change for anyone, and she could be warm and live a normal life.  But you know what, Bella isn’t normal.  She’s cold, depressing, sarcastic, difficult and wants to take the path with the most resistance.  I can relate to being a bit hard headed and going against the grain a bit.  Not to mention, I totally get her attraction to Edward.  He’s so mysterious and unique.  Seriously, who can resist his smirk? GORGEOUS!

2. We were sad to find out that they decided to cancel the little forth of July parade outside of our subdivision.  Yes, it was a tad lame, but it gave us a chance to meet up with the peeps in our ‘hood and wear patriotic outfits.  Dan’s Mom came for a visit and we enjoyed catching up with her, grilling out with the neighbors, and setting off some fireworks.  Yes, you heard me right.  We have a nine month old, and my husband insisted on setting off fireworks in the front of the house, while listening through our trusty audio monitor for sequels from Parker.  Boys…what can I say?  Fortunately, Parker was in dreamland, and the noise it didn’t bother him one bit.  Hopefully, our neighbors felt the same!

3. I’m giving MAJOR props for Moms that work from home.  Part of the reason that I haven’t had time to blog as much as I’d like is because I’ve been helping with a major relocation project … from home.  I don’t want to downplay this, because I love helping out (and getting paid!), but it is quite the challenge trying to juggle replying to emails, update spreadsheets, import data, during Parker’s nap and ALSO clean bottles, wash diapers, and all the other household mess I usually do before that little sneeper wakes up.  It’s hard, I ain’t gonna lie.  That combined with the fact that my husband is gone all week is enough to make me STRESSED! It’s kicked me in the ass this week, and I’m actually REALLY looking forward to the girl’s night planned this weekend for the much needed break!

4.  Parker is great.  There’s not much to complain about with him.  He sleeps REALLY well.  Two really good solid 1.5-2hr naps a day and a good 11.5-12hrs at night.  He’s a jewel when it comes to sleep.  He’s curious about everything and Dan and I are convinced that he’s super smart, because most of his toys bore him in only a few short minutes, leading us to believe that he’s just WAY too gifted to be bothered by that little blinking, singing, repetitive toy.  Attention and Stimulation is this boys middle name.  He can’t get enough of it.  It’s pretty exhausting too, taking him from room to room, place to place, from new toy to old, just to keep his interest.  He’s got an abundance of energy! I guess he should, he sleeps enough for the both of us combined.  And while I’m being all open and honest with my little booger, I mine as well mention our latest struggle-meal time.  Let’s just say it’s not our favorite time of the day.  I don’t get it really.  Just this last week or so he’s begun to be super fussy getting into his highchair, and all during meal time.  Which, has made going out to eat next to impossible.  He’s really good at self feeding, but apparently doesn’t like being confined.  He LOVES to throw his greens on the ground all while shoveling in the sweet potatoes and butternut squash.  He doesn’t mind the fork mashed foods, but occasionally lets me know he’s completely over it by blowing raspberries of food all over my face. LOVELY!  I don’t get it.  He gets the best food.  I pre-make most of his finger foods ahead of time and freeze it.  The few exceptions are green beans, peas, and beans come from a can (I wash them thoroughly) because steaming them soft enough to eat isn’t possible.  I thought that would be easier because since Dan isn’t home much during the week, I end up making myself a turkey sandwich or salad most nights which doesn’t translate into finger foods for Parker.  So, to make a long story semi-short, Parker isn’t really diggin’ his foods.  I don’t want to go prepackaged, but I’m running out of ideas for finger foods that he likes.  I always try to make meal time a positive experience for him and if he does something that bothers me, I ignore it most of the time so we can keep that “positive experience” but that hasn’t seemed to change anything unfortunately. Mom’s out there, if you have some tips/suggestions, email or reply.  I’d love to hear them!

5. I am officially a full-time pumper.  Yes, pumping my boobies six times a day makes me a full time pumper for sure.  May I go on the record by saying that it totally sucks (insert funny pun intended comment here)?  Three things I keep telling myself: A)Parker gets the best nutrition when I pump B) I loose calories when I pump and C) Formula is friggin’ expensive.  My supply has taken a big dip (yet again) since I’m exclusively pumping so I’ve had to supplement with formula.  After some research and checking with some Crunchy Mamas on the best formula, I decided to go with Baby’s Only Organic formula.  I’m going to try my best to make it to a year with giving him at least some breast milk each day.  Why the hell do I have to be so ambitious?

6.  I can’t believe that I’m already starting to think about planning Parker’s first birthday party.  Fortunately, September is a beautiful time of year, and I can hopefully plan for a party that will be in really nice weather.  I went ahead and reserved our pavilion at Will’s Park, which is a beautiful park in Alpharetta where we go twice a week to walk and have also have the occasional family picnic.  We wanted to have it at Webb Bridge park, which is a nicer, smaller park, but there wasn’t a way to reserve the pavilion, and with me being the paranoid planner that I am, I couldn’t risk it.  Not to mention the pavilion was pretty small there, and we would have to rent an extra table.  I’m getting excited about the planning, decorations and celebration.  We are planning to have a photography session with Tracy Adams Photography, which will be great, because I’m sure I’ll be too busy enjoying the celebration to remember to snap those precious photos.

And that, my friend…is a Run Down.

Time Flies

My little baby is turning into a little boy.  What has happened?  At nine and a half months old, he is movin’ groovin’ and showing no signs of letting up.  We had his 9 month check up last week, and he’s gained over two lbs (40th percentile) putting him at 19lbs 6 oz.  It’s crazy how much he’s grown and I love how he learns new things each day.  He self feeds during meal time and loves him some peas, bananas, and butternut squash.  He can’t get enough of elmo, and still laughs every time he sees his face.  He’s still babbling away with his Mamama’s and his Dadadas and he is very social, always smiling from ear to ear every time he sees someone new.    Lately, his favorite thing to do is to stand up and hold on to the toy basket.  He looks like such a big kid, muddling through it, trying to pick out his favorite toy.  He’s drinking all bottles of pumped breastmilk now.  Apparently that means he’s “fully weaned” by definition, but it doesn’t seem that way since I’m a slave to the pump.  He was just too curious and wiggly wobbly to stay interested in nursing.  PLUS…those teeth…LORD HELP those teeth.  Yep, ….another reason to reach for the bottle.  He can chew on that bottle nipple until his heart’s content, and I …can sit and watch without a single cringe.  Sometimes, to be honest…it makes me sad though.  Sad that he’s growing so fast.  In just a few short months, he’ll be one.  Lord, where has the time gone?  No matter what though, he’s my little punkin pooh.  That much I know, and that’ll never change.