iLove, Babies and Mother’s Day

So, Dan got me something iLove for Mom’s day…an iPad!  No, that’s not the Bostonian way of saying  iPod.  It’s this super sweet mini computer that has all the great apps and games that an iphone has, but bigger, better and WAY cooler.  Parker loves it too.  His favorite apps are iFish pond and Virtuoseo HD (piano).  He bats at the screen and loves this new toy!  The gift came as SUCH a surprise.  I didn’t even ask for one.  All I wanted for Mother’s day was to see Babies at the theater, and have some family time.  I got all of that already…and it’s only SATURDAY!  I have such a fantastic husband!

The movie Babies was very entertaining.  It was a great movie that showed how diverse the first year of a baby’s life can be in different parts of the world. Heck, even in different parts of the US.   The baby in San Fran was doing things just as odd and unique as the one in Namibia.  Some highlights?

The Namibian baby tries to eat dirt…Mommy is unphased.  The Namibian Mom nurses two babies at one time.  One, a toddler and the other a three month old.  Amazing!  I just nurse ONE seven month old, and it still gets me in a tizzy sometimes!

The Baby from Tokyo was cracking us up… she was playing  with a wooden toy and got so frustrated that she would throw herself on the floor and and slam her legs on the ground.  You could tell that she was an attention getter.  Adorable none the less.

The San Fran baby girl was cute as a button.  She peeled a banana one tiny piece at a time, carefully handing each piece to her Mom.  She then proceeded to bite the bottom of the banana and when she realized she had the hard piece in her mouth, she spit it out and handed that to her Mom and said “NO”.  So sweet.

The Mongolian baby boy thought a roll of paper was tasty.  There was an entire shoot of him unrolling the towels and eating it.  He was also VERY friendly with the farm animals.  There were lots of shots of him terrorizing the animals and they didn’t mind one bit.

Overall the movie was great, but I wish they had either narration or subtitles of some sort.  I was wondering during the movie, how old the babies were when they rolled over, crawled, and walked.  I also sort-of wish that they would’ve picked some different places than they did. The Middle East, South America and India would’ve had some interesting babies…  maybe they could do a Babies part II?

On this first Mother’s day, I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the Moms reading.  To the first time Moms, single Moms, Moms of multiple children and those with husbands serving our country, my hat is off to you! I never knew how challenging, rewarding, exciting and life changing it would be.  This Mother’s day, I have a new found respect for all of you. You guys rock!

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