Park it Parker

What a fun day and lots of firsts. We visited Webb Bridge Park today. We went there for the first time last week during Mom’s group, but because of naps and feedings, we weren’t able to stay long and explore the park much. We picked up some yummy sandwiches at Wildflour and had a picnic. We later showed Parker the swings, slides, sandbox and seesaw, all of which were firsts for him. It was such a nice little park and not over crowded either. Dan and I had such a great time playing with our cutie pie, bursts of happiness and all!
No Ma, I’m not choking on the puff you gave me…See, I haven’t even swallowed it yet!

Here’s me hanging out with DaDa

Ooooh, I love this swng!


Wow, what’s this cool blue thing?

Is this suppose to be fun?

Oh,  DaDa built me a little sand castle and mommy covered my toes.

Dada, this is my shovel.  Can I please put it in my mouth?

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